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May 13, 2021 Electronic R&B singer Anjelo Disons shares new song ‘Lullaby’ / ‘Destiny’

Electronic R&B singer Anjelo Disons shares new song ‘Lullaby’ / ‘Destiny’

South London singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Anjelo Disons has unveiled new double-single ‘Lullaby’ / ‘Destiny’, out now.

First up is the fresh, feelgood vibes of ‘Lullaby’, a heartfelt duet that sees Anjelo and 20-year-old East London singer-songwriter Rasida trade pitch-perfect vocals. Next up, ‘Destiny’ is a more downbeat, laidback affair, with Anjelo losing himself in the spiritual jazz sound associated with his band The Oracle. It follows last month’s double-single release of ‘Time’ and ‘Brighter Day’, with all four tracks acting as a diverse precursor to his forthcoming EP ‘The Garden’, out in June.

Lullaby is a song that formed in a session with Oracle members Lorenz & RasidaAnjelo explains. “I remember programming the drum pattern before Lorenz laid down the phenomenal synths. We loved it, me and Rasida wrote our first verses and chorus within the first session! Rasida is phenomenal to work with because of how musically talented she is, her ears are so good. A member of the Oracle band as a backing vocalist, and one of my closest friends for years, I’m excited to be releasing music with Rasida. Conceptually the song is about your partner bringing you peace to sleep at night in a wholesome, comforting way. The playfulness of the beat and the childlike sounding synths is what gave us the inspiration to write.”

Discussing ‘Destiny’, Anjelo divulges: “I wrote the foundation to Destiny originally in a session with Brando Walker & Nathan at Piano Bar Soho. I sat on the song for a long time, I really wanted the song to have a cinematic feel and the writing to truly take off when something “aligns” in the right way for you and it feels destined. Compositionally, ‘Destiny’ is one of my personal favourite songs I’ve written. After writing the song over the course of a couple of months, I brought it to The Oracle Band to record at Dexter Hercules’ studio, where most of the songs for the project were recorded. The songs has Lorenz on keys, Dan on guitar & bass & Wilf on the drums.”

A budding, 22-year-old multi-instrumentalist who was mentored by scene aficionado Julian Joseph, Anjelo attended the coveted BRIT School and plays in the band The Oracle, which includes musicians who work with Tom Misch, Dave, Kali Claire and Blue Lab Beats. He has also engineered and produced for a long list of artists that includes Hak Baker, Rak Su, Yizzy, Morgan Monroe and Bshp.

One of the UK jazz scene’s brightest talents, ‘Lullaby’ / ‘Destiny’ is another expertly crafted double-single from Anjelo Disons.

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November 12, 2020 Musician Oscar Jerome to release Breathe Deep album remixes

Musician Oscar Jerome to release Breathe Deep album remixes

South London’s Oscar Jerome  announces details for a forthcoming remix package spawned from his successful debut album ‘Breathe Deep’, out now through Caroline International. Featuring reworks from Joe Armon-Jones (Ezra Collective), Franc Moody, Shy One and The Colours That Rise, Oscar is trailing the November 20 release of ‘Breathe Deep Remixes’ with the Nightmares On Wax version of fan favourite ‘Give Back What U Stole From Me’ – now streaming here.

The upcoming remix bundle – which also features the drumming of Black Midi’s Morgan Simpson – is the first new music from Jerome since the release in August this year of ‘Breathe Deep’, which saw him link up for collaborations with Lianne la Havas, Brother Portrait (Steam Down) and bandmates from Brownswood-signed Kokoroko, amongst others. Following previous packed-out headline tours around the US, UK & Europe (with London sell-outs at Heaven, Village Underground and EartH) and a support slot opening for Kamasi Washington, Oscar’s postponed UK headline tour in support of ‘Breathe Deep’  – which received airplay

across 6Music, 1Xtra, Radio X and Radio 1 – will be rescheduled to 2021 due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Though asserting himself as a jazz trailblazer in his own right, across ‘Breathe Deep’ Oscar celebrates the creative community around him, paying tribute to guitar greats like George Benson, Grant Green and Kenny Burrell and taking cues from the sounds of afrobeat, West African funk, broken-beat and 60s Latin American soul jazz. He carves out thoughtful songs that vary from personal odes to family, friends and past relationships (including ‘Coy Moon’ – remixed here by The Colours That Rise) to politically-charged cuts about climate change and environmental activism (‘Sun for Someone’ – given the remix treatment by Franc Moody and Shy One), the shameful treatment of refugees in Western Europe (‘Your Saint’ – remixed here by Joe Armon-Jones) and rallies against the corporations and governments that perpetually take from the poor (‘Give Back What U Stole From Me’).

Talking about his debut, Oscar says: “‘Breathe Deep’ is a pretty broad presentation of who I am musically and my journey to get to this point. On a personal level, it’s a reflection of the effort put in during that path of self-bettering, both emotionally and in life more broadly. It’s about preparing oneself for failure and growing from that. Taking a moment to step back and see where things are going and where one has been.” On top of that, Oscar explains, it also addresses “the resilience of people, which is reflected in the more political moments on the album.”

Born in Norwich but upping sticks to London to study at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire (Fela Kuti, Moses Boyd), Oscar is now a staple of the capital’s burgeoning nu-jazz scene. Previously working with everyone from Yussef Dayes to Shabaka Hutchings and Moses Boyd, Oscar also starred alongside Ezra Collective’s Femi Koleoso and Joy Crookes in the campaign for Stella McCartney’s All Together Now’ collection, performing at its Milan Fashion Week launch. He was also on the bill for the ‘Stellafest 2020’ music festival broadcast on the official Stella McCartney Instagram, playing alongside the likes of Kelis and Brian Wilson.

‘Breathe Deep Remixes’

  1. Give Back What U Stole From Me (Nightmares On Wax Remix)
  2. Give Back What U Stole From Me (Nightmares On Wax Remix – Dub)
  3. Sun For Someone (Franc Moody Remix)
  4. Sun For Someone (Shy One Remix)
  5. Your Saint (Joe Armon-Jones Remix)
  6. Coy Moon |(The Colours That Rise Remix)

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September 30, 2020 Music producer HELMAUD unveils fun DIY music video

Music producer HELMAUD unveils fun DIY music video

Today, music producer and composer HELMAUD has released single ‘Hey Boi’ ft. DIXIE along with an official music video for the single, featuring fiery songstress DIXIE and of course the man himself. Filmed with a DIY approach, the video captures the pair taking a night drive in the iconic city of Paris, where HELMAUD is from. 

Previously interviewed by Muze FM, the music producer commented on his relationship with collaborator DIXIE, “The two neighbours initially met in Thai boxing classes in 2015 (have been doing boxing for 8 years now). They would both come and spar with good energy and an open mind, but DIXIE and HELMAUD only truly started sympathizing in spring 2019, as DIXIE learned HELMAUD was a pianist. DIXIE has a wonderful 1920 Pleyel Piano in her flat, rue St Denis, 75002, so I drop by many times just to jam. And she did the same, coming over randomly while down my block. Hitting me up asking if I’m around, and dropped by for a fast jam, and a lot of white wine… Man, I can’t follow up with her drinking.. she’s way too trained. As HELMAUD’s jazz-infused technique started attracting DIXIE, the two yet-to-be friends very quickly became inseparable. Music, and especially jamming had forged a very strong bond for the two, DIXIE, discovering her attraction for singing and composition, and HELMAUD, finding very much satisfaction through DIXIE’s soul heritage and care-free energy. Hedonism, stoicism, philosophy, friendship, and the ups and downs of relationships have forged their urge to doing music together.”

Talking about the video concept, HELMAUD adds, “After many unsatisfying cuts based on another story from a former director, I decided to change totally and go for a real DIY video. A variation on an old hip hop famous theme: the whip ride – a tribute to American hip hop iconography. We thought this 1964 Cadillac riding along contemporary Paris would fit the soul vibe on the modern beat and attitude of this song. Knowing that Dixie is half American (New Orleans) & I’m a full Parisian, it made sense. No one was in town or available for the last-minute deadline. Then comes Isabel Deprice, an old friend of mine, (who featured in my previous music video “I Know Your Game”, shot by Ryan Doubiago). In the end, it was shot in 2 hours with an Iphone & edited with an Ipad.”


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September 16, 2020 In conversation with empowering pop singer Ananya

In conversation with empowering pop singer Ananya

Ananya is a twenty-something songstress from Mumbai who has made her mark on India and the world. The songstress went platinum in India with one of her English tracks and currently sits over a global stream rate of 300 million. Last year, Ananya released her single  ‘Day Goes By’ with global hitmaker Sean Kingston, and this has been documented as one of the first major collaborations between the US and Indian artists to date. When Ananya is not making music, the singer breaks down mental health stigma in India as well as empowering and supporting local female entrepreneurs in India with her self-owned company Svatantra.

We find out more about this songstress and activist below.

What are some of your earliest memories of music?

When I was really young, I remember being totally entranced watching my mother playing the Santoor. It is an Indian instrument with a hundred strings that you play on your lap. I used to sit and watch her for hours. It was the first instrument that I learned, and it made taking up the guitar and understanding composition a lot easier later in life.

Take us through your songwriting process. Are there any particular steps you take when putting music together?

Writing music has always been incredibly cathartic for me, when life feels a bit messy I love to find a quiet place and settle in with my notepad and a pen. The process starts with an emotion or a story from my journal and goes from there. Then, I’ll sit with a producer and we will take that really personal experience and put a melody to it. I love the process – it’s beautiful to take something so raw and then put it out to the world for everyone to interpret in their own way.

Studio work and music creation or performing and interacting with a live audience, which do you prefer?

Whether I’m performing to ten people or ten thousand, there is nothing in the world like standing on stage and having people vibe with something you created. Music is all about connecting with people, and there is no better way to do that than when you are live. That exchange of energy – there is no feeling like that in the world.

What is the most memorable response you have had to your music?

Music has always been there for me in the most challenging times in my life and I really want my music to do the same for others. When someone sends me a message to say that they related to something in one of my songs and it helped them through a difficult time, that means the world to me.

The most memorable? It has to be when I was in a cab in Poland of all places. I didn’t even know I was playing on the radio out there, but the driver got so excited when I got in and started singing me some of my songs – it was surreal!

If you could put together a radio show, what kind of music would you play?

I am a big believer that the best music is raw and comes from the heart. I love those songs where you can really feel the emotion of the artist because they are singing about something that happened to them. Audiences appreciate that too because they can connect with it on a different level. Emotions are universal – it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, they unite us all. I’ve always strived to be as unapologetically myself as possible with my music, every song feels like a part of me.

Name five artists and their albums who would appear on your radio show

Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP

Nirvana – Nevermind

Amy Winehouse – Back to Black

Khalid – Free Spirit

Frank Ocean – Channel Orange

What would you like to achieve with your music? What does success look like to you?

Everything I do is about doing what I love and hopefully making a positive impact at the same time.  My definition of success is always evolving but for me, music has always been like a best friend, supporting me through good times and bad. I really hope that my songs can be like that for other people.

One last thought to leave your fans with?

This has been such a difficult time for everyone, it’s this unprecedented collective trauma. With my latest song ‘Let There Be Love’ I wanted to celebrate the beautiful sparks of hope and joy that we have seen coming out of this incredibly challenging period. I think our collective values have changed and we have realized the most important things are love, people, and connections. Keep your loved ones close and always be you.

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