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August 19, 2021 Doja Cat songwriter iLana Armida embarks on solo career

Doja Cat songwriter iLana Armida embarks on solo career

Los Angeles-based pop icon, iLana Armida, gives a refreshing new rendition of a love story as old as time on her upcoming hit single, Summertime Love.” Having written music for several popular artists, including Doja Cat, Etana, and Common Kings, and performing alongside Lil’ Dicky and John K, iLana Armida definitely has the experience and know-how to create the next big pop track, which she undoubtedly will do with her upcoming single of many to come.

Opening with a slow build that grows into a smooth, wavy sound that really sets the tone for the rest of this summer vibed song. The vocal melody perfectly complements the airy synths and thumping bass sounds to create a sound that instantly makes you feel as if you’re driving in a convertible on a warm summer day or relaxing on the sandy beaches of California. Listeners are enveloped in the easy going but passionate nature that has come to define the character that Armida’s fans have come to know and love. 

Summertime Love showcases the dedication to craft that has seen iLana wrack up over 7.6m Spotify streams on song writes, while sonically riffing on her trademark optimistic and joyful vibe. Herself of mixed heritage, she remains ‘ethnically ambiguous’ and draws on global influences resulting in music that transcends restrictions to any one location, promoting a spirit of inclusivity in all that she does. iLana Armida creates art that invites all to be welcome, feel accepted, and have a little fun. 

I sing songs that incorporate multiple languages and genres purposefully so that people of all cultures and backgrounds and ethnicities can feel connected to the music…I want everyone to feel accepted and united.

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August 6, 2021 Electro-pop singer Hanne Mjøen shares upcoming EP title-track music video

Electro-pop singer Hanne Mjøen shares upcoming EP title-track music video

    Image credit: Fabian Fjeldvik

Accompanied by an awe-inspiring music video, Norwegian songstress Hanne Mjøen has released her latest single titled ‘Emotional Fever’ on the 6th of August via Physical Presents. The single is the title track of her upcoming EP, which is penned for release on September 17th. Hanne’s impressive ability to mix up flows is on full display in this single, and her downright emotion riddled lyrics, accompanied by ebullient electronic sounds, promises fans just over 3 minutes of sheer mixed emotions.

Pre-save Emotional Fever EP

Ever been in a relationship where you just cannot commit wholeheartedly and even worse, you’re unable to understand why? ‘Emotional Fever’ is relatable to the everyday person in the sense that it is fervently filled with the highs and lows of relationships. Hailing from the small town of Oppdal in Norway, Hanne Mjøen’s unique style is often compared to the likes of celebrated music artists MØ, Sigrid and Dua Lipa

Stream/Download: ‘Emotional Fever’ single

‘Emotional Fever’ follows the release of her highly successful ‘Hell With You’ single and official music video, which is currently nearing a million views. Find out more about the single ‘Hell With You’ here. This latest video has rustic qualities with a neutral and ethereal visual palette, an invigorating watch and listen indeed.

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June 18, 2021 Innovative avant-garde singer Fifi Rong shares clever take on love unreciprocated

Innovative avant-garde singer Fifi Rong shares clever take on love unreciprocated

           Image Credit: Dylan Chubb

Multi-talented musician and innovator Fifi Rong has delighted once again with the latest song ‘Dream On’, which is set to feature on her upcoming solo album release There Is A Funeral In My Heart For Every Man I Loved later this year. The singer has been making her name known as a forward-thinking individual after the launch of her Yi Jing 意境 Live Performance Series , which is a virtual immersive platform for artists and art lovers to connect and get exposure. 

Stream/ download: ‘Dream On’

Rong previously featured on RCRD LBL with the ‘Another Me’ video along with a feature on Phuture Life with the ‘Only Man’ video. Both works are noticeably different in comparison to production stylings and are probably due to the fact that Fifi is always keen to change things up for the sake of getting her poignant messages across for each song’s contrasting message – a true artist indeed. 

Innovative and visceral with her approach to her craft, Rong proves to be an act to watch in the months to come with her latest platform initiative and creating music that leaves one pondering on their choices when it comes to being rational and being in love with someone. ‘Dream On’ is a clever take on unrequited love, as Rong shares foresight on a love that has not had the opportunity to be acknowledged. 

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May 6, 2021 Alt-pop singer MOA addresses struggle with bipolar disorder on latest song

Alt-pop singer MOA addresses struggle with bipolar disorder on latest song

Image credit: Alicja Romejko

‘Bad Things’ is an alt-pop anthem depicting the unfolding of a manic episode. With an ominous bass and eclectic drums, the track outlines the exhilarating yet terrifying reality of one of the phases of bipolar disorder. MOA’s characteristic vocals and honest lyrics bring us to the breaking point by illustrating the very core of the sensation, here portrayed as another being pulling her in: ”Now the noise is just too much / it’s digging into my skin and / I’m on the floor / But she wants more”.

MOA’s second single is a truthful insight into the world of mania as well as a fearless statement on an, even now, stigmatized condition. With catchy melodies and strong vocal hooks, ’Bad Things’ transforms multilayered mental health issues into a relatable story of an evening devoured by the urges of the part of you warring against logic and calm: ”When the light’s gone I can’t trust myself / When the sun’s down, become someone else”. 

MOA’s music is an enchanting merge of sickly sweet pop and fearlessly provocative punk. The style and lyrics derive from a life of complex mental struggles, landing her in a world of ecstatic highs and sinister lows. As a result, the self appointed ’Sertraline Queen’ started using her experiences with bipolar disorder to her advantage, and has spent the last year assembling a line of indisputable alt-pop pieces, discussing everything from female empowerment to mental health.With a peculiar mind and a thirst for peril, she is the anti hero the pop world has been waiting for.

Swedish born MOA is based in London, where she has been honing her craft since a young age. She left Sweden for the thrill of the suburban capital of the UK, but brought with her the ferociousness of the Scandinavian winters. 

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