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August 21, 2020 Bad Seeds guitarist George Vjestica shares new Bandate song

Bad Seeds guitarist George Vjestica shares new Bandate song

Photo Credit: Michael Dent

When not performing with the Bad Seeds, George Vjestica is the driving force behind Bandante, a moveable feast of a band, recording and performing George’s music for which other musicians, artists and film makers, are brought in to contribute.  It is the experimental nature of Bandante and in particular his work with Tim – the overlapping of lenses through a collaborative process – that allows George to develop new, interesting and unexpected creative dynamics and outcomes.

Bandante’s debut limited edition vinyl single (Bang Bang b/w My Friend) earned critical acclaim – a vinyl of the year at Rough Trade and a UK Official Vinyl Singles Chart entry. 

So This Is Now is the latest offering from Bandante where music and imagery are seamlessly combined in a video piece made by the artist, Timothy Shepard.

Work on So This Is Now  began at Vale Studios with the recording of an instrumental piece written by George. Joining him were musicians, Ian Matthews (Kasabian) on drums, Nikolaj Torp (The Specials) on Hammond and Mellotron, and Tim Hutton (Dub Pistols, Prodigy) on horns.  From this session came an intense 5-minute blast of killer riff-driven music, inspired by 60’s American psychedelia, Arthur Lee’s ‘Love’ and the Haight-Ashbury/Monterey scene – a soundtrack that George had always imagined being set to film. 

I wanted the chorus to feel like a call to arms, to hear a cacophonous fanfare of blaring trumpets – a massive release, with a verse I wrote to be full of tension and suspense.” George explains.

Timothy Shepard is an American contemporary fine artist based in London who uses collage (in a very broad sense of the term) working in 2d, film making and music composition. He has been a regular collaborator with Bandante, creating videos for Bang Bang/My Friend as well as super 8 films projected at Bandante’s immersive shows. He has previously worked with other musicians including Paul Weller (a series of country walks which resulted in the cover for 22 Dreams), the quite possibly deceased enigmatic film maker CS Leigh, and a very close collaboration with Kevin Ayers on the making of his swan song album The Unfairground.  

George continues the story. “After the Vale Studio sessions, I got very busy with the Bad Seeds whilst the track I had recorded kind of went in the drawer. One morning in mid-June, during lockdown, while going through some playlists on my laptop, I found a file labelled, ‘Protest/Revolt into Style/Vale Studio‘. I put it on and was blown away. It sounded and felt like what was going on outside at the time when it seemed that an unstoppable momentum was building for a summer of protest.”

“I’ve known Tim for a while – he lives up the road from me in Notting Hill and we’d often meet for a coffee. Our conversations always ended up trying to figure out what the fuck was going on around all the talk of Trump, Brexit and the rest of it. This continued during lockdown over the phone. I asked Tim if he would make a short film set to this piece of music I’d recorded in Vale Studios, “it’s all the stuff we’ve been talking about.” I said.  He chewed on it, I heard him draw hard on his E cigarette, pause and say to me in his laconic Bostonian drawl, ‘Let’s see’.”

He came back with what was, to me, a stunning piece of art. The music had the soul and the film, a ‘visual lyric’, had the mind and the conscience. It’s a hopeful, sad yet defiant, audio/visual collaboration that, in some visceral way, reflects the times we are living in right now.”

For the project, Tim made a film comprised of hundreds of sequenced cut-up and collaged images, in which we are shown a world through a dystopic like window of now, teetering on collapse and chaos with a message of only-hope that,  “the power of the people is greater than the people in power”. 

We are at a moment of choice,” Tim explains. “George and I would talk about this a lot, and in great part the collaborative process with George and what informed the making of the film were these conversations – about how this point in human history is so pivotal –  when we either have global social, economic, and climate collapse or we don’t.” 

Tim continues: “It is by no means impossible that we can achieve an understanding whereby we can live sustainably and flourish. There is this idea of decentralizing the power which is very interesting – whether it’s the media or politicians or whatever force that is enacted in order for us to behave in a certain way or impart some ‘truth’  – and in place of all that we could bring about a more collaborative sense making approach. We’ve all “had enough of reading things by neurotic-psychotic pig-headed politicians”. 

“To get ourselves to a good place we’ve got to take an honest and positive look at ourselves – realise and empower ourselves. But because we’re all guilty of something, if not the same faults we point out in others. Change must start with ourselves and be enacted upon even more urgently than the call for others to change.”

So This Is Now is currently available to watch on YouTube –  it’s something that’s just out there. 

Meanwhile during Lockdown George has been busy in his studio, there are plans with Tim for a sound and vision installation and whilst touring and performing remain on hold we can expect the two of them to bring a whole bunch more of overlapping lenses.

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August 18, 2020 Mental health and music videos in Milo Gore’s latest release

Mental health and music videos in Milo Gore’s latest release

Milo Gore, a musician on a mission to make mental health a more widely discussed topic, has released the music video for ‘Noise Gone Dancing’ via Red Van Records (RVR). The single is taken from his upcoming album, How Do You Cope While Grieving For The Living? which will be released in a few short days.

On the album, listeners will be able to find some his known works such as ‘Green Eyes’ and ‘Jerry Can’ (a song filled with tiny easter eggs for the upcoming album). However, there are a few more songs on there that will resonate with everyone. Hot tip: we’ve been specifically instructed to keep our eyes (and ears) open for ‘I Hear You’.

Keen to learn more? Here’s the full tracklisting for the album:

1. Noise Gone Dancing 

2. Green Eyes

3. Jade


5. A Collaboration Of Our Grief – feat RMC

6. Jerry Can


8. I Hear You

9. Homegrown

10. Eyeliner

11. Complete Peace

12.The Endless War

Be prepared: the music video below will take you through the five stages of grief as you’ve never seen them before.

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August 13, 2020 Music duo Foreign Affairs shares striking music video for ‘One Minute’

Music duo Foreign Affairs shares striking music video for ‘One Minute’

Foreign Affairs have shared the video for their new single, ‘One Minute’. Striking and minimal, the video accentuates the track’s powerful biographical air with its direct intensity reflecting the song’s confessional atmosphere. 

Featuring lead vocalist Lawrence Purnell singing directly to camera, the video is an intimate and honest visual postcard, delivering a stark and arresting account of the emotions surrounding life, love and loss. 

“‘One Minute’ is such a personal song to us, it’s like an open letter and one long thought,” explain the duo. “We wanted the music video to show just as much emotion as the song itself, and we thought the best way to accomplish this was to make it simple.

“Delivering a monologue directly to the camera lets the audience see every moment of emotion, and being that close to Lawrence’s eyes creates a feeling that it is being delivered directly to you. There are no camera tricks or frills to this music video as we knew the most important thing was focusing on the emotion and lyrics.”

Foreign Affairs is the musical collaboration of brothers Adam and Lawrence Purnell, who began writing together in their early teens. Drawing from influences including The Lumineers, Johnny Cash and The Kings Of Leon, the duo blend hints of powerful Americana with pop sensibilities to create infectious, soulful and evocative anthems.

Their first single, ‘Sell My Soul’, received both local and national BBC radio play, with Bob Harris proving a big champion at Radio 2, and in December of 2018 the brothers released their first EP The Old Fire Station. The EP garnered widespread critical acclaim and was followed by a 22-date European tour with Grammy-nominated artist Larkin Poe.

‘One Minute’ is Foreign Affairs’ first original music since the release of their debut EP and sees them return powerfully charged and ready to make a bold mark in 2020 with a host of new music to follow.

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April 28, 2020 MOGAN personifies internal struggle in video for song  ‘Hireth’

MOGAN personifies internal struggle in video for song ‘Hireth’

Cardiff musician MOGAN has shared their video for their second single ‘Hireth’, the single features on their EP Gutter, which released on the 24th of April 2020. The mix and mastering of ‘Hireth’ were done by Cardiff conductor Minas (Hana2k, Luke RV and Dead Method). So far, MOGAN has recieved support from Music Week and God Is In The TV Zine, and broadcasted on  Walya’s Act Normal show for Noods Radio and Razorblade the Tape. 

MOGAN has a love for exploring the underground music scene and supporting other artists linked to their sound. They have cited avant-garde acts like Bjork, Liars, Peaches, Dirty Beaches and  Broadcast as highly influential to their artistry. The ‘Hireth’ video was filmed by Patrick Bethell, who assisted MOGAN in capturing the character’s internal struggle and mental state, and the implications of your internal battle clashing with what the external world expects from you. 

MOGAN adds their thoughts“The video for Hireth explores the parallels between passion and aggression of the male form. I’d initially wanted to remain off-screen for the video, but Jesus had other ideas and sent floods to Wales meaning our actors couldn’t make it. Luckily Patrick Bethell is a good friend of mine so didn’t mind getting close and personal! Some might say it was my plan all along…”

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