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September 23, 2020 Music producer Das Mörtal releases witchy song ‘It Comes’

Music producer Das Mörtal releases witchy song ‘It Comes’

Image credit: Adrien Villagomez

Pagan music producer Das Mörtal has given us a taste of his new offering, album Miami Beach Witches with new single ‘It Comes’ via Libson Lux Records. This anticipated album release will be unleashed on Halloween day this year. For fans of all things mystical with a huge dose of goth, ‘It Comes’ will be a stellar addition to your Halloween playlist.

Das Mörtal speaks about the new single: “’It Comes’ is a Wiccan lullaby for the lost souls. A slow heartbeat driven song with a deep buzzing bass that welcomes the elder gods into your dreams”

The music producer’s claim to fame is his album Hotline Miami II, which has over 8 million streams. Inspired by sci-fi and horror films alike, Das Mörtal has worked on two noteworthy horror film scores being Naissance d’un Zombie and the feature film Deadcon

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September 21, 2020 Renowned dance pop producer Shaun Frank drops intoxicating song

Renowned dance pop producer Shaun Frank drops intoxicating song

Music producer Shaun Frank has shared his latest single ‘Take Me Over’ via Physical Presents. Frank is well-known assisting with the production of dance-pop duo The Chainsmokers Billboard #1 and Diamond certified banger ‘Closer’. Frank currently sits on a stream rate over 15 million, and his previous single ‘On Your Mind’ featured on the Billboard Dance/Mixshow Airplay Charts for several weeks after its release.

Shaun Frank speaks about the new single, “This one was really fun. The track actually just started as a jam session with my buddy Ruben. I had just picked up this Arp2600 Synth and we were coming back from dinner and popped into the studio to jam on it. We ended up writing the chorus super quick, and I instantly knew we had something dope.”

‘Take Me Over’ does just that, once you hear it, it will linger in your mind with basslines that hook the listener during long after listening. 

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September 15, 2020 JORI SJÖROOS celebrates underground Latin American dancehall movement in new song

JORI SJÖROOS celebrates underground Latin American dancehall movement in new song

  Image credit: Paavo Lehtonen

Music producer  JORI SJÖROOS has unleashed his latest masterpiece, song titled ‘GOTH PERREO’ with critically acclaimed songstress Chisu, and let us just say that it has the ingredients of a charming nightmare. 

DoofDoof shares, “Filled with distorted electronic beats and melodic and angelic vocals from songstress Chisu, ‘GOTH PERREO’ feels like a beautifully haunting dance between darkness and light. 

JORI SJÖROOS speaks about the song’s concept, “I was jamming with a reggaeton beat and wanted to push it as dark as possible. I had this image of 2 people twerking each other in a dark club built in a church made of stone. I needed some classic vibes for the song so I requested opera vocals from my wife who’s an artist and an extraordinary singer. I’m inspired by the freaky Latin American underground reggaeton/dancehall movement called “Neo Perreo”, and as a fan, I wanted to do my own “Perreo” which became “GOTH PERREO”.”

JORI SJÖROOS adds balance with Chisu’s soothing vocals, but JORI SJÖROOS still manages to shine with beautiful chaos throughout the track. 

SJÖROOTS Tracklist:





05. KING








August 19, 2020 Alternative musician Harmer Jays releases song ‘Double Vision’

Alternative musician Harmer Jays releases song ‘Double Vision’

Double Vision pinpoints the emotions felt through relationship dependencies, juxtaposed with a somber yet upbeat arrangement. The track conjures up the atmosphere felt when experiencing a temporary escape from reality, followed by the realisation that you don’t have that all-important ‘other’ to depend on. With lyrical complexity reminiscent of Joni Mitchell, somber vocal styling and vibrato comparable to that of Jeff Buckley and James Blake, Double Vision expresses emotional loss with a longing vision for a better future. 

By combining heartfelt lyrical delivery with modern musical digressions, Harmer creates a sometimes surprising, yet completely effective and relatable resonance. In true Harmer Jays style, this is all done with a hauntingly beautiful topline, engineered and produced alongside long-time friend and producer, Taran Stormes Martino. 

Harmer Jay’s personality resonates through his music, quirky social media presence, and poignant, eerie live performances. His music is subconsciously conceptualised and organically untied to genre labels and his energy and presence are as infectious as his 90s mismatched fashion is endearing. 

Following the release of ‘Double Vision’ Harmer Jays will be completing his debut EP in September with the release of ‘Smile (To Decorum)’. Harmer is armed with a brand new live set and looks forward to debuting it on a series of tour dates (yet to be announced) for 2021.

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