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April 16, 2021 Indie rock musician Beach Tiger’s latest song tickles your senses

Indie rock musician Beach Tiger’s latest song tickles your senses

  Image credit: Honey Trap

Released via South America Records today ,alternative rock artist Beach Tiger track  ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ gives us  a taste of his upcoming album Yenta.  The album is scheduled to be released on the 21st May via Southern America Records. Beach Tiger definitely does not disappoint in his latest release as it proves to be the perfect recipe for his sound which permeates through the awesome vocals. If this track is anything to go by then it would definitely be worthwhile listening to the full album when released. 

Stream/Download ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’

‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ has a catchy melodic tune to it and is an earworm to look out for, as the lyrics cover an interestingly rocky relationship. Beach Tiger, who sounds similar to the likes of Passion Pit, Real Estate and Imagine Dragons, brought forth his vocals in this track with uplifting indie tones in a perfect masterpiece. The lyrics are in stark contrast to the melodic tune, yet has just the right amount of spiciness to it – an auditory meal perfected by an auditory master chef. If auditory Master Chef competitions were anything to go by then, Where Do We Go From Here? is an awesome track delivering in all the right places and leading you on an auditory explosion of artistic talent.   

Yenta Tracklisting

1. Run Away

2. Mr. Rock Star

3. Where Do We Go From Here?

4. Peace & Love

5. You Cannot Escape My Love

6. Take Time

7. You Already Know

8. Stuck In The Middle With You (cover)

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March 17, 2021 Indie pop band Cultures share heartfelt song, ‘Ghosts’

Indie pop band Cultures share heartfelt song, ‘Ghosts’

Image by: Nick Dunleavy/ New Path Productions

Bridging the gap between alt-rock and indie pop, Greater Manchester’s Cultures have been plying their trade across the region for the last four years, and their intelligent and idiosyncratic brand of indie has been turning heads and picking up traction ever since.

With an equal focus on both head and heart within their lyricism, the band have succeeded in elevating themselves head and shoulders above their contemporaries, something that has afforded the band high profile support slots across some of Manchester’s most iconic venues, including Germany’s Giant Rooks at Night & Day Café, and Marsicans at The Deaf Institute – a venue the band have since gone on to headline in front of a rapturous audience, cementing themselves as one of Manchester’s most promising new bands.

The band’s latest single ‘Ghost’ succeeds in merging both the band’s aesthetics; a combination of brooding indie rock buoyed by rousing synth-pop. “For us in the band, the song has come to represent a huge number of different feelings and concepts as it’s developed” explains frontman Josh Spivey. “The lyrics “you never needed someone to take you home” refer to coming to realise that you are more capable of being independent than you knew and in “she never saw you as skin and bones” I try to tackle the idea of how people’s perceptions of each other can be completely different from our own ideas of ourselves. I think we have a habit of assuming that people think the worst of us when people are actually really good when given the chance.”

And in that, Spivey seems to get right to the heart of not just the track, but the band themselves – always looking for the silver lining, ever aware of the clouds it outlines. 

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March 9, 2021 Band Giant Sky’s song ‘Snow’ is a comforting alternative release

Band Giant Sky’s song ‘Snow’ is a comforting alternative release

It is that time of the day when you start to feel drained and are just looking for the perfect indie-rock anthem to unwind with as you lick your wounds – enter band Giant SkyGiant Sky’s latest single ‘Snow’ via Bloody Sunset Records is sure to be a godsend for sure. This London-based band wrote this song about isolation and the effect that it can have on one’s relationships and mental health. 

Stream / Download ‘Snow’

Lyrics like “The world goes crazy, but you and I remain the same/ There’s no way that I can go into the void of my own” spreads a message of light & connection in times of darkness. One can easily fold and let physical isolation rob you of your sanity and happiness. Giant Sky’s ‘Snow’ reminds one that no true connection is ever lost if it is real.

In these challenging & limiting times, the band needs to connect to their fans in other ways. They have urged fans to support their Kickstarter campaign on socials, which includes exclusive band merch: “f you were considering getting our EP or album on release, here’s a better way to do it – supporting the campaign gets you limited edition versions, t-shirts, mentions in vinyl sleeves… check it out! We know it’s a weird time, but if you want to support new music this is a great way to do it.

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November 16, 2020 All girl band Mourn share ‘Gather,Really’ music video

All girl band Mourn share ‘Gather,Really’ music video

Photo credit: Cristian Colomer Cavallari

Catalan trio MOURN share a new video for their track, Gather, Reallyfrom their new album, Self Worth out now via Captured Tracks.

On “Gather, Really” they sing with an unflinching urgency and vital courage that becomes a magical, chemical act, once again proving that music as an outburst is part of MOURN‘s nature.

The Alex Fernández directed video takes on the aesthetic of a jazzy espionage show set in the 60s, a black and white clip shot in the hills of their hometowns just outside of Barcelona that revolves around an unwelcome mystery concealed in a briefcase.

The band further explain, “Gather, Really describes the feeling of being connected with your mates through sharing experiences, discussing the world and having the feeling of community while having some drinks. Letting everything that anguishes you go and enjoying the company of your chosen family. Coming to conclusions all together, dealing with problems and healing while talking. We wanted for the music video to represent that gathering but this time we acted as thieves from an old black and white movie.”

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