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August 31, 2020 JAS CRW release Greetings From EP & music video

JAS CRW release Greetings From EP & music video

 Image credit: HdDaze

Rising trio JAS CRW have officially released their Greetings From EP, and be prepared to feel completely in awe of this bunch after the first listen of the EP. Greetings From includes a noteworthy team with producers Ketelby James (CH), Meek (DE), and Jamie Rodigan for single ‘Report’. Vocalists featured on the EP include Nigerian musician Dotman and award-winning Jamaican musician Cowan

 To date, JAS CRW have been featured on several radio stations BBC Radio 1’s Toddla, BBC 1Xtra’s David Rodigan, Reprezent Radio, Heart of Love Radio as well as  Apple Music’s New Music Daily

BSMNT Club comment on the EP, “JAS CRW provides a breezy fusion in their soundscape that captures the sounds of Africa, Jamaica, and the United Kingdom in this new offering.”

JAS CRW adds their thoughts on the new EP: “While working on Greetings From, we all went back to our roots and were inspired by each other’s backgrounds, which allowed us to find new sounds for JAS CRW and, even more importantly, our inner peace by representing our ancestors in a modern way.

Greetings From EP Tracklist

1. Report (prod. by Jamie Rodigan) 

2. Type of Way feat. Dotman (prod. by Ketelby James & Meek) 

3. Like Whoa (prod. by Ketelby James) 

4. Don Kno feat. RTKAL & MDR Tilla (prod. by Meek) 

5. Honey feat. Naomi Cowan (prod. by Meek) 

6. For The People We Love feat. Ivory (prod. by Ketelby James)

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August 28, 2020 House music duo Gioli & Assia announce new EP Moon Faces

House music duo Gioli & Assia announce new EP Moon Faces

Duo Giolì & Assia have released their new track ‘For You‘, the first single off their highly anticipated upcoming EP, MOON FACES, to be released on Ultra Records. ‘For You‘ showcases a high octane explosion with elements of techno and indie-pop energy that solidifies their status as pioneers in the live indie-electronic space.

This track follows the success of their latest singles ‘Habibi‘ and ‘Darling‘, which have seen over a million streams to date and drops more hints towards their forthcoming EP in this next exciting era of their career as producers, multi-instrumentalists, singers, songwriters, and performers.

“This record has elements of our sound that our fans love, but this time we wanted to slow it down and focus on the lyrics. It’s a love song, but at the same time it’s intense and decisive. When the pitch of the vocals change, it suggests a move to strength, as the love can be gentle but also protective and passionate. We realize there is a lot going on in the world, and we hope that our music can help bring some positivity into it.” 

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August 7, 2020 Singer Becky Bowe wows with new EP release

Singer Becky Bowe wows with new EP release

Originally the face of BBC Pitch Battle in 2017, songstress Becky Bowe has officially released her new EP Cosmic Heart via Two Bridge Recording. The EP was produced by the impressive Aidan Thompson who forms part of Max Restaino’s, and has played as support for world-renowned musicians Rebecca Ferguson, UB40 and Tears for Fears. 

Previously featured in an interview on RCRD LBL, Bowe mentioned this about her music, “ I would love my music to just be enjoyed and loved as much as possible. Success to me is people listening to my music to escape or feel better…just to be able for them to feel any sort of emotion. Music is a gift and to be able to write and sing my own music, and put it out in the world is leaps and bounds better than I ever thought I would have been able to do. Either way, I feel I’ve achieved what I want in my music, I just hope people listen to it and love it! Read the full interview here

Bowe comments on the EP: ‘This EP is all about growth. Each song helps show the journey I’ve made as an artist and as a woman. Some songs were written a few years back but just didn’t have the sound I wanted until I revisited them again. These songs represent so much of my music taste, style and my personal life. It’s so nice to hear back to certain points in my life I’ve written about and I hope it relates to each listener.’

Featuring graceful soundscapes that flow with Bowe’s tender and sincere tone as she sings, the Cosmic Heart EP is truly filled with a lot of heart and passion, as the songstress reflects on her life-changing moments.

Cosmic Heart EP Tracklist

1. Don’t Darken My Door

2. Getting Older

3. I know It’s Real

4. Cosmic Heart

5. Grown Up

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April 24, 2020 Music duo Neon Neet releases new  EP “Persuasion”

Music duo Neon Neet releases new EP “Persuasion”

Neon Neet will drop their debut EP ‘Persuasion’, along with their third single and title track on April 17, 2020.

The single ‘Persuasion’ is both a homage to a healthy ego and a reminder to trust one’s own gut instinct. It’s about not letting people talk you into something you have a bad feeling about. It’s about believing in yourself and not letting other people’s opinions control you. Self-assurance and confidence will help pull you away from toxic people and thoughts while the recurring distorted samples in ‘Persuasion’ symbolise annoying voices and disturbing communications.

There are four songs on the EP, listed and released in alphabetical order. Starting with Neon Neet’s angry debut single ‘Extension’, the EP calms down with ‘Loop You’ and ‘Persuasion’ and ends almost mantra-like with ‘Unzip’.

 ‘Loop You’ picks up the storyline from Neon Neet’s debut single ‘Extension’, but where the first track’s catchy chorus “I can’t do it on my own” called for help in a crisis, ‘Loop You’ dives far deeper into feelings of helplessness and desperation. Appealing to self-confidence ‘Persuasion’ takes a pass on toxic people and thematically links into the fourth track on the EP ‘Unzip’, which is about finding inner peace: “…all the things I need I have inside my heart“.

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