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April 24, 2020 Manchester music producer DEADLIFE releases new synthwave album

Manchester music producer DEADLIFE releases new synthwave album

Machester-based music producer DEADLIFE has officially released his latest album, City of Eternal Rain via NRW Records. He has been supported by influential wave Youtube channel called NewRetroWave in recent months, which led to his stream count rising to over 3.2 million plays on major streaming platforms. His debut album Bionic Chrysalis was voted as  Best Synthwave Album 2017 by publication MetalSucks, and also received commercial success on US Billboards’ Electronic Album sales top 20 chart, along with his 2019 album Singularity.

Growing up in the shabby Crewe area in the UK, DEADLIFE would spend a lot of time indoors playing video games. The music producer was a drummer in a band before pursuing his solo career in electronic music production. After several tours, he realized that he felt held back creatively.  DEADLIFE always had a vivid imagination and a more sensitive demeanor. He would use these qualities to produce music of his own liking. The music producer is inspired by the emotional qualities of video game soundtracks with his music. He has also cited influences from artists like Disasterpeace, Justice, deadmau5, Sigur Ros, Refused and Deftones.

Speaking of his album DEADLIFE adds, “City of Eternal Rain is a concept album that is inspired by the direct contrast between dark and light. That no matter how bad things get, there is always hope. The record is, like many of them, created to feel like you’ve heard it before, but you don’t remember it, to instill nostalgia in your mind and remind you of a time your memory grasps at but can’t quite recall. I’ve realised in life it takes more bravery and courage to be who you are and bare all, rather than to hide it away, which we often do, which I did in my younger years. It’s time to be honest, to directly reflect that which I feel within what I write.”


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AUST shares buzzing new single ‘The Hive’

Hailing  from Neuchâtel, Switzerland,  AUST’s two track EP The Hive was recently released via Enhanced Music’s Enhanced Chill. With a string of previous releases under his belt, his work has previously been compared to artists such as Fakear, Petit Biscuit and Møme.

AUST’s sound is characterised by intricate loops, electronic embellishments and textured soundscapes. The Hive is somewhat of an ode to his home, a place of refuse that obviously inspires him greatly.

He explains: ‘The Hive’ refers to the new place me and my wife live in. It’s a tiny house surrounded by wild nature where I recorded some sounds that are featured on both songs. I’ve also just built a second studio there to focus on new inspirations. The place was full of bees during the summer (which is unfortunately uncommon those days) and the chorus on The Hive took me back to those sounds.”



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August 1, 2019 Kitzl shares video offbeat new video for ‘Wizard Girls’

Kitzl shares video offbeat new video for ‘Wizard Girls’

Producer and composer Kitzl has released her quirky new video for ‘Wizard Girls’ taken from her album 40 Moons That We Know Of. The video  premiered on tastemaker publication Clash Magazine.

Kitzl is a turntablist master and  showcases this in her song ‘Wizard Girls.’ Taking sounds that one  wouldn’t think to use in music – she and has, has created a sonic masterpiece. ‘Wizard Girls’ is fantastic, combines elements of ambient-electronic-pop, art pop and experimental shoe-gaze into one beautiful cauldron pot of sounds.

Speaking on the track Kitzl explains: “We filmed it all in Elora and in Guelph, close to home. We were chasing an unearthly, neon forest kind of vibe. In the day the wizard girls laze around and recharge, and at night they get down to business. The night-time stuff was really cool to film because the lights in the dark trees immediately looked so eerie, exactly how we’d hoped. I made a lot of moth friends that night.”

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March 25, 2019 Holly Herndon Announces Debut Barbican Show+ New Album ‘PROTO’ Out 10 May

Holly Herndon Announces Debut Barbican Show+ New Album ‘PROTO’ Out 10 May

In support of her forthcoming album, PROTO (out 10 May), Holly Herndon has announced an inaugural headline performance at London’s Barbican on Wednesday 16th October as well as a summer show in her adopted home city, Berlin. Tickets go on general sale this Friday at 10AM GMT.

A hybrid of studio project and touring band, Herndon’s live show will incorporate an expanded vocal ensemble and a newly developed A/V experience.

Holly’s third full-length album PROTO (out 10 May) isn’t about A.I., but much of it was created in collaboration with her own A.I. ‘baby’, Spawn.

For the album, she assembled a contemporary ensemble of vocalists, developers and an inhuman intelligence housed in a DIY souped-up gaming PC to create a record that encompasses live vocal processing and timeless folk singing, and places an emphasis on alien song craft and new forms of communion.

PROTO makes reference to what Holly refers to as the protocol era, where rapidly surfacing ideological battles over the future of A.I. protocols, centralised and decentralised internet protocols, and personal and political protocols compel us to ask ourselves who are we, what are we, what do we stand for, and what are we heading towards?

Holly Herndon
‘Eternal’ follows the 2018 release of Holly and Jlin’s collaborative song ‘Godmother (feat. Spawn)’. The skittering track, which was created by Spawn reimagining the artworks of her ‘godmother’ Jlin in a trained model of her mother’s voice with no editing or sample trickery, was praised everywhere from NPR to The Guardian to New York Times, and elsewhere.

You can hear traces of Spawn throughout the album, developed in partnership with long time collaborator Mathew Dryhurst and ensemble developer Jules LaPlace, and even eavesdrop on the live training ceremonies conducted in Berlin, in which hundreds of people were gathered to teach Spawn how to identify and reinterpret unfamiliar sounds in group call-and-response singing sessions; a contemporary update on the religious gathering Holly was raised amongst in her upbringing in East Tennessee.

“There’s a pervasive narrative of technology as dehumanizing,” says Holly. “We stand in contrast to that. It’s not like we want to run away; we’re very much running towards it, but on our terms. Choosing to work with an ensemble of humans is part of our protocol. I don’t want to live in a world in which humans are automated off stage. I want an A.I. to be raised to appreciate and interact with that beauty.”

Since her arrival in 2012, Holly has successfully mined the edges of electronic and Avant Garde pop and emerged with a dynamic and disruptive canon of her own, all while studying for her soon-to-be-completed PhD at Stanford University, researching machine learning and music. Her LP Platform closed out 2015 by gracing year-end lists from Pitchfork, The Guardian, Uncut, and The Wire. In the aftermath, Radiohead hand-picked her to open up their European tour.

Just as Platform forewarned of the manipulative personal and political impacts of prying social media platforms long before popular acceptance, PROTO is a euphoric and principled statement setting the shape of things to come.

27 April – KREMS, AT, Donau Festival
16 May – New York, NY, Red Bull Music Festival
18 May – LOS ANGELES, CA, Teragram Ballroom
20 May – SAN FRANCISCO, CA, August Hall
22 May – CHICAGO, IL, Thalia Hall
14 June – BERLIN, DE, Volksbühne
19 July – BARCELONA, ES, Sonar By Day – SonarHall
20 July – MANCHESTER, GB, Manchester International Festival
16 October – LONDON, GB, The Barbican


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