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July 16, 2019 MUST WATCH: EULENE Brings Out Lyric Video For Her Second Single ‘Megalomaniac’

MUST WATCH: EULENE Brings Out Lyric Video For Her Second Single ‘Megalomaniac’

New York-born, Nashville-based Electro-pop songstress, EULENE has revealed the lyric video for her second single, ‘Megalomaniac’ today. The song was taken from her highly anticipated upcoming self-titled EP via GoGoLove Records.

EULENE has a very free-spirited approach when it comes to her music. Her electro-alt-pop sound is unique and uplifting, with undertones of Grimes, the dance-inducing vocal hooks of Robyn,  and more experimental elements that you would find in an artist like Son Lux.

‘Megalomaniac’ is an incredibly infectious track where EULENE pairs industrial hits against an abstract vocal flow. The track is a cauldron pot of catchy guitar riffs and a pulsing bassline bristling beneath the simple beat. EULENE’s vocal abilities are definitely the star of the show as she exhibits a vast range of vocal stylings and phrasing that will put you on another planet. The video itself is an impressive display of artistic ability with a catchy sing-a-long feel to it, it is most definitely a must watch for all.

EULENE had the following to say about the single: “Megalomaniac is about excess. The excess of wealth and power…the excess of a dose that poisons.”

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January 25, 2019 Eulene Holds Space With New Track ‘Momma’

Eulene Holds Space With New Track ‘Momma’

Up-and-coming pop sensation Eulene, recently released her debut track ‘Momma’ last year, accompanied by a video. A relative newcomer to the scene, Eulene has wasted no time garnering attention with her flamboyant stylings and stunning vocal work.

Her creative upbringing is evident in her music – Eulene comes from a long line of artists. Her grandmother’s photographic studio was situated at the famous Carnegie Hall, and her parents brought her up on a wholesome diet of music festivals and songs by Hank Williams Sr and Bill Monroe.

Both the track and the video for ‘Momma’ have been met with positivity, CLASH Magazine describing it as  “electrifying electro pop with an addictive edge.” 

“When I was writing this song, I jammed on my bass for a long bit, days really, searching for the truth and the cadence of being female. I’m one of five – the only girl –  so being female has been a prevailing theme of my life always. And a place of reflection for as long as I can remember..” she says.

The track has been described as “at times raw, intense and unapologetic” and is beautifully contrasted by the the video, which shows Eulene dancing  with balance, equilibrium, control and grace.

“The role of the Momma – so dominant, so powerful yet so delicate. The raw, the wild, the fully intuitive nature is what took hold and what drove both the writing and the production.  The ferocity of the momma-bear lives in the rap/sing style of the verse while the soft and gentle momma floats and soars in the chorus’. And finally, there is the primal call of the woman, heard in the bridge. All in a 3 min. snapshot. or, I should say…journey!”

As a debut, the track proves that Eulene really does exist in her own space, and ‘Momma’ is a fine example of her art – hopefully a harbinger of great things to come from the electro pop songstress.