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September 2, 2020 Singer Beth Hirsch shares official remix for hit ‘All I Need’

Singer Beth Hirsch shares official remix for hit ‘All I Need’

The new single follows up on the recently released albums opening track <<‘Allison Something>> and is one of the two tracks she featured on from Air’s multi-platinum album Moon Safari. The story goes that Beth and Air members Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoît Dunckel all lived in Montmartre; Nicolas was my neighbour, but I didn’t know him, says Beth. Hirsch was working on her own EP with Nouvelle Vague’s Marc Collin at the studio of Étienne Wersinger, cult French producer known for his work with Air, Nouvelle Vague and Camille. One morning Godin was there sitting on the couch I asked him if he was in music and he replied, ‘Yes, I am. Actually, my partner and I are putting out a record, and we’d like you to be on it, she recalls.

They showed me a couple of tracks and I happened to really like them. You could just tell their sense of melody was so strong. I felt very drawn to it. Hirsch went on to write the lyrics and melody of All I Need. At the request of the band, she also composed another track for the album, You Make It Easy. Moon Safari went on to sell an estimated two million copies around the world, and ‘All I Need‘ became its third single, after ‘Sexy Boy’ and ‘Kelly Watch The Stars.’

People have offered or suggested to me over the years to remix it, and I’ve never really jumped on board,she says while working in the studio with ELIOT two years ago in Greece, he mentioned he’d really like to remix ‘All I Need’ and showed me the sketch. I thought ‘This is so cool, let’s just do this.’”

Beth Hirsch rose to fame as a consequence of her collaborations with French duo Air on that critically acclaimed debut album Moon Safari, as well as making a significant contribution to the album as lead vocalist/co-writer on two of the record’s key moments, the hit single All I Need and You Make It Easy, she also performed live around the world as part of Airs live touring band.

Her sultry and haunting vocals were also key on a duet with Senegalese singer Wasis Diop. Everything was included in the soundtrack for the acclaimed remake of the classic movie, The Thomas Crowne Affair. Signed to !K7 Records Hirsch released her debut solo album, the acoustic Early Days in 2000, followed by the Pitchfork-approved electronic Titles & Idols’ in 2001. After a series of collaborations with artists including Pale 3, Jakatta and D*Note, Hirsch released her third solo album Wholehearted in 2007.

With ‘All I Need (ELIOT’s Cosmic Remix)’Beth Hirsch proves her vocals are an essential part of what made the song a timeless piece of music.

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April 30, 2020 Music producer Claptone reveals new song ‘Claptone In The Circus’

Music producer Claptone reveals new song ‘Claptone In The Circus’

Welcome to CLAPTONE in The Circus, a series of DJ sets, live and direct from a small circus in need of support during these challenging times – Claptone’s latest residency, so to speak. Twelve weeks in a row, we will dance together, to specially-themed mixes, and at the same time support a kind circus family and their happy, loving animals. During this new Claptone venture we’ll be introduced to more than 40 exclusive and unreleased Claptone originals, remixes and edits. 

To make it even more spellbinding, in each episode, CLAPTONE’s DJ Set will be accompanied by the dazzling performance artists that inhabit the grounds of the circus. They will, at safe distances, of course, enact the most thrilling of performances, to complement the dreamy melodies and funky rhythms. Exciting jugglers, daring knife-throwers, a regal pony show and much more, await you every Wednesday, starting on April 22nd. 

“In these trying times, I’ve often found myself going on long, isolated walks to appreciate the beauty of nature. It was on one of these scenic, afternoon journeys that I first stumbled upon a tiny family-run circus. The circus director told me about their struggle to pay the rent and buy food for the animals since the pandemic hit, as they couldn’t put on public shows. 

The following day, I returned, this time, with fresh carrots in hand, hoping to be able to meet and feed the animals. It was then and there that I decided not simply to donate food and money, but to play specially themed and carefully selected sets at this little circus, involving parts of their show, to bring joy to my friends and fans in sound and vision.” says CLAPTONE.

Claptone appeared in a feature on Dave Rave

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April 30, 2020 DJ and music producer Zkosta releases new song ‘Words’ ft. Mike Melinoe

DJ and music producer Zkosta releases new song ‘Words’ ft. Mike Melinoe

Since 2008, ZKOSTA has been breaking boundaries with his unique sound, mixing style, and versatility. In addition to having original tracks released on major dance record labels such as 3000 Deep, Artist Intelligence Agency, and Prescribed, ZKOSTA’s original music has also been played on BBC 1, Diplo & Friends by Diplo, Crespo and more.

When on stage, ZKOSTA effortlessly blends remixes, edits, and originals that span across a multitude of BPMs and frequencies. Over the years, ZKOSTA has opened up for major dance artists across a wide range of genres as well; such as Deorro, Excision, Dada Life, and Oliver Heldens, amongst others. While his sound has proven to be versatile in both the studio and stage though, ZKOSTA still finds refuge in the sounds and experiences of traditional dance music – the open club format, his home, and house music, his haven.

ZKOSTA’s hard work, drive to succeed, and sheer talent, have also contributed to forging the path for his artistry to be heard. With each original release and live show, ZKOSTA proves to be a growing force on the dance floor; a stand out up-and-comer in every city he encounters.

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April 7, 2020 NHOAH performs live-set on twelfth-floor wall-less skyscraper during a storm

NHOAH performs live-set on twelfth-floor wall-less skyscraper during a storm

Melodic Techno and Tech House producer NHOAH has officially premiered his latest live set atop the twelfth floor of a wall-less skyscraper in Vienna, via BE-AT TV. The entire set-up took three months of planning, however, the morning of the show disaster struck, as the weather forecast included gale-force winds and a storm! The show still went on despite the weather conditions, and NHOAH made the best out of the storm and flowed with it. He played six unreleased tracks off of his upcoming album.

NHOAH’s skill set covers producing, composing, DJ’ing and mixing engineering. His previous performance featured  NHOAH performing on a glass stairway on Dachstein Glacier called ‘Stairway To Nothingness – Glacier Concert’, which also premiered via BE-AT TV.  The current view rate of that video is over 130K Youtube views to date. NHOAH has worked with esteemed producers for The Eurythmics, Depeche Mode, and Bronski Beat’s Larry Steinbachek. His album Tangowerk recieved an award and acclaim at the German Record Critics’ Awards. Originally from Berlin, NHOAH pays homage to early German synth-music including the work of  Klaus Schulze and D.A.F.

NHOAH shares his view on performing in a storm, “It was a fantastic experience, a magical moment of one and a half hours. A fire of music in the storm. A euphoria that we could share with nature in an underground party, or better said “overground party”, in an incomparable way. Sometimes the wind lifted us off our feet. It was never easier to dance than on this day. Thank you, storm. You first scared me but then gave me the greatest joy.”

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