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September 23, 2020 Melodic rock band Certain Animals announce debut album

Melodic rock band Certain Animals announce debut album

Songs To Make You Move is the debut album of Rotterdam rock trio Certain Animals: melodic rock filled with vocal harmonies.The album was recorded in their self-built Deer Sound Studio in the port of Rotterdam. On their first long play record, the band does not hesitate to pay homage to their musical heroes, whose vinyl records are on the boys’ turntable every day. The Beatles, Beach Boys, Neil Young, Crosby, Stills & Nash and Electric Light Orchestra are regularly pulled off the shelf, but the fuzzy and phasey work of contemporary bands like Tame Impala is also unmistakably heard on Songs To Make You Move. Certain Animals have matured, and you can hear that on their debut album. The band does not pretend to be rougher than it is and is not louder than what the song calls for. Besides their bulging LP collections, the love for music is reflected in twelve dazzling tracks. Certain Animals honestly show what they love. From Automaton’ to ‘Zenithis’, Songs To Make You Move, a record for music lovers, by music lovers.

In less then three years, the band managed to build a strong live reputation by playing shows on major Dutch festivals in famous venues all over the country, and they also performed across the border in Belgium and Germany. Their intriguing sound makes for energetic live shows filled with intimate moments and explosive bursts of energy.

Since October last year they have been releasing a steady stream of eight singles. This to the delight of an ever growing number of (inter)national fans, radiostations and blogs. The singles were featured in Spotify New Music Friday and New Alternative playlists a.o., Apple Music New Music Daily and Best Of The Week, and iTunes Alternative & All Genres charts in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Sweden. They got airplay in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Poland, Austria, Croatia, UK, Jamaica, Australia, Canada and US.

And what about the incredible album artwork? A nice detail is the Rotterdam skyline in the background!

The album release concert is 25 September in prestigious De Doelen, Rotterdam in The Netherlands

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September 11, 2020 Soul duo Saul City announces new song ‘Amusement Park’

Soul duo Saul City announces new song ‘Amusement Park’

As Saul City celebrate 10 years of marriage and 12 years of their musical journey together. To celebrate, the couple releases their new track ‘Amusement Park’. In a world shaken by a pandemic and lockdown, the pair use their time to sympathise and express relatable emotion through music during these trying times.

Kicking off with singer/songwriter, Lauren writing and performing on the track ‘Disco Venture’, a collaboration with Los Angeles based artist Mr. Moustache and a piece Saul City listeners couldn’t stop moving to. But it was their feature on rising producer Jason Giger’s ‘Leaving and Losing’ that gave them their light bulb moment, leaving a welcomed dent in their musical steps forward, a dent that invited perspective. With features on blogs, a spot on Apple Music Africa and a number one position on Chapter One Radios Top 10. The duo who’d once refer to themselves as genreless have found a musical path, putting their twist on R&B and Nu Soul sounds. Guitarist Michele felt the deep and warm sounds of his wife’s voice would be a great branding strategy which lead to the birth of ‘Amusement Park’.

Michele sat playing the ever-present guitar riff adamant to have a repetitive sound that stuck, he introduced it to Lauren who already had the lyrics to ‘Amusement Park’.

Searching through her bank of voice notes, she found the melody for what would shape ‘Amusement Park’. The song designed to soothe yet move, and the lyrics are carefully written to relate and become an anthem.

“You could say it’s a song about love gone wrong, but there are people and situations in your life that are toxic whether or not exists in it. I want the chorus to be a singalong of confidence and sass to all those toxic people who think it’s okay to use you.” says the singer.

Saul City are excited to share ‘Amusement Park’, with an exciting project coming up, the genreless duo who seem to have found their path are still looking forward to straying and experimenting.

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September 1, 2020 Legendary trip-hop duo Kruder & Dorfmeister announce 1995 album

Legendary trip-hop duo Kruder & Dorfmeister announce 1995 album

Trip-hop duo Kruder & Dorfmeister have shared their futuristic video music video for their new single ‘Johnson’. The single will feature on long-awaited album release 1995 set for release in October. The ‘Johnson’ music video will be any dystopian fan’s daydream. 

The music video was directed by Oscar Pecher (BMW, Audi and Adidas) and Stefan Pecher who talk about the music video concept: “When we heard the track for the first time, pictures immediately came into our minds. The cinematic, atmospherically dense sound, supported by emotional vocal samples, reduced breakbeats and deep basslines gave us a lot of visual input. Someplace that has stood still in time, the dark corridors, the mysterious musical mood that fits the current time, combined with a young, sensitive leading actress whose sluggish movements increasingly develop towards dance as the track progresses. It matched perfectly, the sounds reflected everything we had thought about during the quarantine, just waiting to be packed into picturesque images.

Personally, it was important to us to create a music video that would uplift the music rather than compete with it. We were given absolute freedom by the musicians during the creation process and were allowed to dream, experiment and explore. The song is very expressive in itself and rewards anyone who takes the time to listen carefully – so it was important for us to capture our personal feelings and build on them both narratively and visually.”

The ‘Johnson’ music video provides dystopian landscapes that tie in with beautifully with Kruder & Dorfmeister’s captivating downtempo flair that leaves one to ponder on what to listen to next. 

1995 Album Tracklist:

1. Johnson 

2. Love Hope Change

3. Swallowed The Moon

4. Spring

5. Dope

6. King Size 

7. Holmes 

8. Don Gil Dub

9. Stop Screaming (only available on physical copy)

10. Morning

11. White Widow

12. In Bed with K&D

13. Ambiente

14. One Break

15. Lovetalk

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August 21, 2020 Band TV PEOPLE announce new music

Band TV PEOPLE announce new music

Rising Dublin quartet TV PEOPLE return on 4th September with their third single of 2020, ‘Nothing More’ and its accompanying video directed by Robert Clarke.

Mixed and recorded at Darklands Audio with Dan Doherty (Fontaines D.C., Vulpynes) and mastered at Abbey Road Studios by Christian Wright (Radiohead, Blur, LCD Soundsystem), ‘Nothing More’ sees the band come to terms with identity and the struggle of finding a purpose in life.

Speaking about the single, the band explain: “It reflects on the superficial challenges of finding yourself that you face in adolescence and early adulthood, and contrasts these with a deeper existential anxiety that emerges in their place as you begin to overcome them.”

 “The song documents the experience of trying to make peace with the realisation that life may be inherently meaningless and deal with the burden of being responsible for your own life’s purpose. It was written remotely during the lockdown period by sending each other music and mixing a home demo which was a new way of writing for us.”

‘Nothing More’ follows the release of singles ‘Kitchen Sinking’ and ‘Time Eats Up’ earlier in 2020, with ‘Kitchen Sinking’ earning a spot on Spotify’s ‘An Alternative Éire’ playlist, and ‘Time Eats Up’ receiving heavy promotion from the legendary Abbey Road Studios.

Hailing from the heart of Ireland’s capital, TV People are a Dublin four-piece who lace their indie/garage rock sound with punk-infused undertones. Despite forming in early 2019, the band have been honing their craft across the live scene, making themselves one of the most exciting bands coming out of Dublin right now.

First toying with the idea of creating the band, Paul, Brendan and Len later recruited Rob to perfect the group’s dynamic. Since, TV People have worked with Dan Doherty (Darklands Audio) and Christian Wright (Abbey Road Studios) on their latest releases and also garnered support from the likes of Abbey Road Studios, The Daily Star, Earmilk, When The Horn Blows, Amazing Radio, RTÉ and 98FM, and more.


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