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March 9, 2021 Alternative pop singer Chris Sunfield shares the evocative song, ‘Predator’

Alternative pop singer Chris Sunfield shares the evocative song, ‘Predator’

Chris Sunfield’s second single “Predator” is an abrupt about-face following his sunshine pop debut “The Little Things”. Predator is a provocative poison pen letter to romantic predators, exposing their psychopathic and Machiavellian ways. The lyrics, with their reptilian metaphors, serve to validate anyone who’s been harmed by toxic narcissists, and to warn others about their predatorial charms. Musically, the song is a multi-layered wall of retro sounds with progressive house stylings and a vintage, analog, R&B vibe. Sunfield sings, and plays all guitars, bass, and keyboards. Producer Michael Hanson (Glass Tiger) plays drums while fellow Radar Love Records artist Vicky Rai handles backing vocals. The crowning moment is an acid-tinged rap by Dynamic (a.k.a. Ya Favourite Lightskin) that dials up the tension before ushering in a climax of musical dialogue among the various predator and prey players.

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October 9, 2020 In conversation with alternative pop singer Reagan

In conversation with alternative pop singer Reagan

Reagan is an alternative pop singer who shares her woes of teenage adolescence, with her latest song release ‘Crybaby’. With a passion for poetry, the songstress writes her own lyrics. ‘Crybaby’ is a cheeky and quirky single that talks of the hopeful girl meets a shy boy narrative.

We find out more about the quirky songstress below.

Looking back, what were some of your earliest entries into music appreciation? And music production?

I learned to read and play music as a child and loved to dabble on the piano, drum set, ukulele, and clarinet whenever I had time. I started singing in a church choir early on and eventually graduated into a studio setting later in my teens. Both of my parents are practicing musicians, so I’ve always been blessed with opportunities and encouragement to make music from an early age. I’m truly grateful!

Please tell us more about how your latest song/release/project was conceived.

“Crybaby!” was written in the car, as a lot of my best songs are. I like to drive somewhere relaxing (in this case I went to a park) and soak up my surroundings before touching pen to page. It helps me tune in with myself first. I was relaxed and happy when writing “Crybaby!” and I think that really shines through in the song. The day I wrote it will always stick out in my memory as a good one!

Take us through your songwriting process. Are there any particular steps you take when putting music together?

Usually, I’ll choose the beat I’m working with and start piecing together some melody ideas first. I’ll record a couple of voice memos on my phone then write words to them when inspiration strikes. Songwriting is definitely an art though, not a science. Sometimes the words come first, sometimes it’s the melody, sometimes it’s a concept that rattles around in my head for months before coming to fruition. In the end, it’s always a gratifying process!

How much do you invest in how your music is received upon release? Are you very concerned about how your art is received?

Yes and no… it’s a healthy balance of both for me. If I drop a single and it doesn’t pick up traction from the jump I won’t beat myself up. However I do value public opinion because listening to others‘ advice, likes, and dislikes helps me improve my relatability! I want to create music that is beautiful, unique, yet digestible. Paving my own way while being mindful of what sounds other people enjoy listening to is my number one focus!

What is the most memorable response you have had to your music?

About a year ago I got the opportunity to show my song to an artist I enjoy during their music video shoot. I showed up for the day as an extra and by the end, we were in my car exchanging music! They really enjoyed my sound and it was a memorable experience that I’ll never forget.

Are there any key non-musical influences on your sound and creative process?

Yes, definitely being outside! It’s so important for me to be relaxed and in the right headspace to get my words out, and open-air does that for me. Sitting in nature is key!

Do you have any information regarding upcoming releases, projects, DJ mixes, or collaborations in the pipeline that you would like to tell us about?

I’ll be expanding my sound in 2021 and I’m very excited to share my new direction! As far as specifics go, it’s too soon to tell…

Famous last words?

Do what you love while you can. We only get one shot, so make it count!

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September 30, 2020 Indie pop musician Team Solo shares debut song ‘It Only Makes Me Love you More’

Indie pop musician Team Solo shares debut song ‘It Only Makes Me Love you More’

Introducing: Team Solo, a collaborative solo project from Hackney based recording artist Scuta Salamanca (previously of The Dallas Guild and also Social Skills). First inspired by a minimalist Hip Hop / R&B approach after finding a broken ’80s drum machine (EMU SP12), he melds Indie, Pop, and Ska influences with a colourful aesthetic to create a sound that’s truly unique.

Debut single It Only Makes Me Love You More is the first taste of Team Solos percussive, energetic and driving left-of-centre pop. The track is a light-hearted play on feeling under the thumb in a relationship, Scuta says, adding I’m trapped in love – but perhaps I like it that way. “

Recorded in Scuta’s old, ramshackle studio in a factory in North London” the track features his studio neighbour Nick Crofts (Heart Years, The Title Sequence) on piano and also Alex Reeves (Elbow, Dizzee Rascal) on Percussion.

Prone to trying everything, as a solo artist making tracks in his studio in Hackney, the musical mantra of Team Solo is: minimalism. The songs need to be simple enough so he could pack a bag at a moments notice and perform anywhere in the world. Not wanting to just make a solo project, he invites a guest to perform on each song during the process of recording. Some of them he knows, and others he has never met or even spoken to, often allowing the guests artist to do whatever they want which gives a greater colour to each track whilst still remaining distinctly Team Solo.

Team Solo is a wholly unique proposition, which is only set to grow after the release of their debut single.

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September 30, 2020 Alternative pop composer Fischer King shares personal song ‘Lost’

Alternative pop composer Fischer King shares personal song ‘Lost’

Los Angeles based producer and composer Fischer King creates pitch-black alternative pop, with influences that range from James Blake and Nine Inch Nails to Claude Debussy and Herbie Hancock. As a child he forged an early love for tense, bombastic classical music before diving headfirst into the punk rock and hip hop scenes that surrounded him in Detroit. After moving to LA as a young adult, Fischer has spent years working behind the glass for a host of artists, producers and directors, constantly absorbing inspiration and refining his sonic identity.

His self-titled EP will be his first time stepping into the light with a personal, singular artistic vision. King shares, “I combed through a mountain of half-finished ideas, pages of lyrical snippets and after a few months of intense pre-production I landed on a core group of songs and a “textural signature” that felt as honest as it could be.”

Sonically the EP has a streamlined palette, with regular appearances of simple drums, pitch-shifted guitars, cascading strings and synths that feel like they might fall out of tune. The songwriter explains, “Ultimately I wanted everything to feel just ever-so-slightly bent.” King credits Billie Eilish’s debut album for emboldening him to stick with a vocal-forward, almost claustrophobic sound, “a concept that would have been far too vulnerable for a younger me to stomach” he reveals. 

Leading single “Fault Lines” showcases beautifully muted tones and a grumbling bassline which acts as a juxtaposition to the scintillating synths. His music has been dubbed as “existential crisis pop”, with narratives concerning what one’s purpose might be, what in life holds actual value, and how one’s environment can affect those perceptions. This is particularly true with “Lost” – a track about losing your footing outside the context of a relationship. “Lost” features an amalgam of sounds which gradually build into a unique, cinematic release. 

King’s music reflects life’s less glossy moments with addiction and deception (both of yourself and others) being major themes throughout the EP. The musician confides, “Anyone who’s familiar with the former knows it invariably breeds the latter, and unfortunately they’ve both touched my life to a considerable degree. I’ve lost friends, I’ve seen family struggle, and I myself have flirted with going down the wrong path.”

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