Slide into the weekend with Leanne Tennant’s ‘Bring It All Back’

Leanne Tennant has shared her track ‘Bring It all Back’ from her forthcoming album, recorded and produced by Konstantin Kersting (Tia Gostelow, The Belligerents, Mallrat)

Born in the UK but currently bases in Australia, Tenant has a string of successes in her wake,  including a Carol Lloyd Award. She’s been singing and writing her own songs since she was a youngster, and through hard work and dedication, has now seen the fruits of her labour.

She gives some insight into the track: “The song is about two people in conversation with alternative views. One is suggesting that they open up the dialogue and explore alternative ideas and beliefs however their requests are futile as they’re communicating with someone who has a fixed mindset.”

‘Bring It All Back’ is an energetic track that speaks of a conversation between two opposing viewpoints. Her vocals take centre stage on the track, beautifully balanced by a catchy composition. This is weekend music at it’s finest.

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