SACRE share third single ’09:00PM THE COCONUT BAR’ from immersive upcoming concept album

Parisian electro-pop masterminds SACRE have shared the third instalment of their upcoming album LOVE REVOLUTION, in the form of ‘09:00PM THE COCONUT BAR’ – which just premiered via Complex.

The new track follows their previous singles ‘07:00PM VAHINE’ and ‘08:00PM JUNGLIZATION.’ The album has been designed as a fully immersive project, combining art, music and social media.  Each track is a story, following on from the previous one, which started at 07:00PM and introduces a new character with every release, until a cast of 12 personas intercept for a magical, mystical ending at 06:00AM.

SACRE have cleverly employed the use of social media, and via Instagram, release a series of photographs to accompany each track – depicting the character and scene, while a Facebook Story keeps listeners up to date as the plot progresses. The accompanying media is launched on the corresponding tracks official release day – the first day of every month throughout 2019.

Hawaii and Sukil, the two parisian artists behind SACRE, physically reside in Amsterdam, but are definitely living on their own planet. They love 4am french fries, believe that yellow and blue are the beginning of everything, and that music is love. LOVE REVOLUTION is a completely handcrafted project, and Hawaii and Sukil have created everything about it (from their logo to their set designs) with their own personal touch.

‘09:00PM THE COCONUT BAR’ is where the two protagonists in the story meet. The tempo of the track is escalated, reminiscent perhaps, of the way a heartbeat quickens when one lays eyes on a person that will change their life forever.

Hawaii and Sukil give some insight into the track: “Previously Sukil was listening to Hawaii on Radio 64, talking about his Love Revolution. She decides to meet him and jumps in a taxi. It’s now 9pm, and on her way to the bar she is lost in thought, reviewing her life. When she finally arrives at the bar the atmosphere is electric and Hawaii is looking straight  at her…
This is the third song of our LOVE REVOLUTION album. It’s about the moment  before you are about to make a big change in your life. When you picture everything that you’ve done wrong or right, when you decide what was happy or what was sad. This is the time / track of freedom.”

SACRE’s LOVE REVOLUTION looks set to be an engaging release, and it is clear that the duo have channeled love and energy into it’s creation. Keep an eye on social media as the revolution unfolds.

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