Panaviscope’s ‘Kiss Yourself to Death’ is an electro-pop melting pot

‘Kiss Yourself to Death’ is the latest track by Panaviscope, Swiss electropop  artist. The quirky new track comes to us  via How Bad Pretty Bad Records and has already been a hit on Swiss radio stations.

Panaviscope is the multi-artistic project of Alex Duloz, and embodies his talents as both a visual artist and musician. The track is a true melting pot of ideas- elements of pop, a dash of MGMT and Everything Everything, brought to a boil with Panaviscope’s eclectic production style. Duloz explains: “What started as a quiet acoustic pop song turned into a producer’s tour de force. I’ve experimented so much with the pop paradigm for this tune that at one point “Kiss Yourself To Death” was both a metal song and a trap song. And, well, in the end, I managed to come back to the pop song that it was supposed to be when I started working on it.”
We’re loving it. Listen below.


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