Mottron has returned with a brand new single and accompanying video, “They Know.” Clash calls the single, “a beautiful, lilting return.” They also praised “his fantastic vocal, so resolute in its pursuit of emotional truth.”

Mottron’s music is made of wood, strings, and pianos, cut and chopped, rethought through electronics and machines to create an all too vulnerable humanity.

First single, ‘Lighter’ meshed these apposite elements to an ominous pulsing beat reminiscent of the BEF of late 70’s Sheffield. The track was accompanied by the first in a series of short films that saw Mottron break into a suburban house, call 911 and then………

The short racked up tens of thousands of views on Youtube whilst ‘Lighter’ peaked at #2 on the Hype Machine chart and was added to Deezer New Music Friday, Apple Best Of The Week and Spotify’s New Talent.

The film for new single, ‘They Know’, picks up the story with Mottron serenading the captive household, a visual reflection of the delicate balance within ‘They Know’, a simple and delicate piano ballad underscored with tension and passion via a standout vocal performance.

When you first listen to Mottron’s music, you’re stuck by images.Those that come without warning, like an obvious and familiar dream taking you away. A delicate, dark and melancholic atmosphere, yet full of hope, as if Mottron had managed to express through music those feelings that are so impossible to explain.

His music is made of woods, strings, and pianos, cut, chopped, rethought through electronics and machines – terribly human machines. It is also a clear and sober voice that touches you immediately.

It is rare to approach pop music with so much care and delicacy in the arrangements without sacrificing the power of the melodies. Mottron has managed to harmonise these opposites, transform them into simple and beautiful emotions that speak to the heart and imagination.

‘They Know’ is out on now via  LE LABEL – [PIAS]..

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