Mattia Cupelli’s symphonic take on endings via ambient-electro single ‘Kogarashi’

Delicate nimble and mellow sounds find home in Mattia Cuppeli’s latest single ‘Kogarashi’. Released via MC records, this symphonic electro creation merges neo-classical and ambient sounds with modern minimal electronic music. His previous single of acclaim, “Mono No Aware”, was an earnest nostalgia inspiring soundscape that preludes our great anticipation of his upcoming album, Underneath, set for a release on August 8th. On ‘Kogarashi’, Cuppeli presents his multifaceted composing skills through this atmospheric and ambient fuse, as an ode of beauty discovery in endings.

The Italian based composer and producer has been composing dreamscape neoclassical elements entwined in atmospheric electronic soundscapes for a stretched while. A versatile music genius, Cupelli has lent his scoring to soundtracks on acclaimed productions including Star Wars, Shank and Everest. He cites Nicolas Jaar, Nils Frahm and Ryuichi Sakamoto as inspiration for his eminent modern and traditional sound synthesis.

Speaking of the track he comments: “This song is about something that is about to end. Perhaps it symbolizes the end of an era in my musical career. Leaving a  warm space to go outside to something unknown.”


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