Eulene pairs industrial hits against abstract vocal flow on ‘Megalomaniac’

New York-born, Nashville-based electro-pop songstress, Eulene has just released ‘Megolomaniac’, from her upcoming self-titled EP via GoGoLove Records. Previous self-titled album Eulene was mixed by Grammy-nominated mix engineer Erik Madrid (ZAYN, Demi Lovato, Kehlani, Kiiara, 30 Seconds to Mars, Charli XCX, Tinashe, Kygo) and premiered on Clash Magazine. ‘Momma’ was composed and produced alongside prolific songwriter Angelo Petraglia who has worked extensively with global rock phenomenon Kings of Leon for which he wrote and produced many of their albums.

On the infectiously ominous ‘Megalomaniac,’ Eulene pairs industrial hits against an abstract vocal flow. ‘Megalomaniac’ marches on with catchy guitar riffs and a pulsing bassline bristling beneath the simple beat. Eulene’s vocal ability definitely takes centre stage as she exhibits a range of vocal stylings and phrasing that, alongside the rhythms of the track, perfectly captures the songs thematic bend. The result is something both menacing and seductive. It is evident that Eulene aims to break the boundaries of any genre she tackles, stepping away from her writing defaults and comfort zones to create this bold new record.

Eulene had the following to say about the single: “Megalomaniac is about excess. The excess of wealth and power…the excess of a dose that poisons.”

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