Bumbasee channels musical pioneers, in latest bombing track, ‘Kanye, Skrillex and Bob Dylan’

Bumbasee, the first solo project by LA-based producer Alex Tirheimer, is reactionary to the rules that music is supposed to follow.

After a series of late-night sessions with no intention other than to create, a sound began to emerge. A refreshing but also unrefined vibe that felt aggressive but with an endearing smirk. This music seeks to break traditional rules of songwriting and challenge genre, expectations, and a bit of common sense.

It is the release of pent up creativity and the animalistic id that is inside all of us, (although sometimes the id just wants a burrito). Taking from this ethos, Bumbasee is a musically rebellious voice demanding we never stop challenging the status quo.  Dexterously weaving influences from hip-hop and electronica innovators, Tirheimer invites you to open your ears to the raw, gritty sound and open your eyes to what’s hidden beyond the matrix of prescribed songwriting.

And to explain the name, Bumbasee is a fake word for Parmesan cheese, invented as a strange joke by the Tirheimer family to demonstrate the power of misinformation, and to show that nobody checks to see if the parents are crazy before letting them take a baby home.

Two brand new tracks will be coming out this winter on Taste and Tone. The first, “Kanye, Skrillex and Bob Dylan” is an homage to leaders and revolutionaries in their craft, but also three names you’d never expect to see next to each other. Bumbasee loved the level of absurdity of mashing them up, like an oddly awesome designer human.  A remix will follow shortly by Young & Sick. The second, “Tooth and Nail” shows Alex expanding on the alter-ego of aggressive animalistic songwriting and production. In it, he plays with intimidation and is exploring something outside of himself.


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