Tim Aminov Releases OPIUM EP and It’s the Best Thing You’ve Heard in a While

Today sees the independent release of Tim Aminov’s new EP, entitled OPIUM.
Featuring only three tracks, Tim Aminov leaves you wanting more… so much more. If you’re not already familiar with the opening track ‘OPIUM’, find a spot on the floor to lay down with your earphones. One might forget to breathe as you can almost feel the piano keys vibrate off the ground before Aminov’s rich voice ghosts over your skin. Once the bass drops, you’re already in another dimension altogether. It’s dark and menacing but the artist’s voice acts as your anchor, your security, the sound you would blindly follow anywhere. 
Even darker is ‘AGAINST THE KING’ as it takes on a very retro gothic sound, reminiscent of Depechmode and The Cure. With a faster tempo and featuring the ghostly howl of an electric guitar just to add more layers to this all ready creamy track, this song is what should be the soundtrack to a vampiric dance floor scene, where all the ghoulish beauties come out to play.
Taking on a completely different tone for the last track ‘NOWAYS’, Aminov’s haunting vocals plays with the simplistic piano keys and violin strings in a short offering. This feels more like the last note left at the end of an emotional journey. For 2 minutes and 11 seconds, this track holds so much emotion, it’s a good thing you’re laying on the floor right now since the floor is the perfect place to get overwhelmed. Is it not? 

OPIUM Tracklist:


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