TGC’s latest single is the sexy and ethereal new electro-track that you need in your life

Marlow Bevan and Milla Sunde are the duo that have brought us the scintillating pop sensation that is their music project called TGC. The pair have just dropped their new single ‘ECG’ last week – the track already has over 18 thousand streams on Spotify and is climbing fast. True trailblazers, TGC were releasing music through large US record labels until recently and have now started their very own imprint Illuminated City, which they released ‘ECG’ on. 

TGC make pop that transcends the every-day urban greyness of the mainstream; the elven pair prefer to make glittering pop beats that are both crisp and fantastical. Awash with dreamy synth and sexy pop beats, Milla’s voice slides over the duo’s latest track like honey. Simultaneously sweet and dark, ‘ECG’ is also mysterious and hypnotic, a track about loving the wrong person and having an undeniable attraction to someone that you know you shouldn’t be with. 

Listen to TGC’s newest track, ‘EGC’ below:
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