Soul Island flourishes with a brand new euphoric synthpop single, ‘Neon Vision’

Electronic producer Soul Island has shared a brand new track, ‘Neon Vision’ with the world and it’s the best we’ve heard him yet. The brand new release is taken from his upcoming full-length LP, Shards, which is set for release on the 7th of December via Loyal To Your Dreams.

Soul Island is an up and coming artist who is relatively new to the electronic music scene but not to music as a whole. Before forming Soul Island, Daniele De Matteis has been part of many different groups ranging from punk, hardcore and rock. These experiences have allowed him to cultivate his own unique blend of old-school sensations with modern production. 

Neon Vision’ is a stellar track that immediately puts you in a feel-good mood. As soon as the 80s drum beats hit your ears, you are transported to a beach on the Miami coastline. Uplifting synth chords fill the void as you can’t help but listen with a smile on your face. From what we’ve heard of Soul Island so far, this is by far the best work he has released and might even be the track that garners him bigger support. The Italian producer creates a sound which is reminiscent of The 1975 combined with the production of the synthwave movement. Soul Island managed to capture a feeling you didn’t even know you wanted to experience. Allow ‘Neon Vision’ to transport you to a world of synth bliss as Soul Island’s euphoric production keeps you safe. 

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