Listen to Elsa Barahona’s fresh vibrant ‘Enseñame’ Single

Spanish born Elsa Barahona is enjoying the fruits of her labour with her recently released single ‘Enseñame’ released on April 12th. Produced by UK multi-platinum songwriter and producer Kiz Keyz, ‘Enseñame’ features a Spanish chorus translating to “Teach Me”, and tells the story of a young girl experiencing love for the first time.
The 17-year-old songstress was born in Mallorca, and spent time in London this year working on her music. Combining a Balearic sparkle with a Mediterranean influence, her passion for music, dancing and acting, has brought and interesting blended element to her sound.
The track is the perfect vehicle for Elsa’s vibrant, bouncy style, and the multicultural influence on the track is fun and charming. We’re looking forward to more from this talented young lady.
Listen to ‘Enseñame’ here.

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