Hooked Like Helen’s ‘Beautiful World’ Makes the World a Little More Beautiful


Nikki and Jon Stipp are Hooked Like Helen, an energetic alt-pop act from Cleveland.  Their latest release ‘Beautiful World’ is lifted from their upcoming EP, Tragedy Of Physics, due out on May 31st.
The husband and wife duo have been crafting music together since meeting in LA a few years back. Their recent singles ‘No Turning Back’ and ‘Tear This Place Apart’ were premiered by tastemaker publications Clash Magazine and The Line Of Best Fit respectively, and their music has been used on a string of television shows and film soundracks, including  High Strung: Free Dance, set to hit international theatres this year.
The message behind ‘Beautiful World’ is one of positivity, where the Stipps have chosen to create a track that gives power to the idea of healing this damaged world. In their own words:
“’Beautiful World’ came about during a time of sad reflection on the state of society. We wrote this song as a way to combat our feelings of discontent, as if the upbeat groove and flying synths could convince us that things aren’t as bad as they seem. Music is our medicine and our voice, and we hope that Beautiful World conveys the sense that although there is much to mourn, there is much to celebrate if we take action to be a part of the healing.”


The full EP will be out at the end of the month on Stipp Manor Music. 
Till then, listen to ‘Beautiful World’ here.


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