Filled with smooth R&B/Electropop crossovers, Sôra’s new EP, ‘Number One’ does not disappoint

Sôra has released her R&B/electropop EP, ‘Number One’ on most digital platforms today. Released via Colligence Records, ‘Number One’ has something for everyone as Sôra continuously changes the game on each track. 

Number One’ is filled with Sôra’s alto voice which effortlessly switches over to high pitched bliss, showcasing her vocal chops on each track. The opening track, ‘Lifestorm’, might be the standout track of the EP. Alongside a stunning music video, ‘Lifestorm’ is a soaring synthpop track that is sure to be a hit at live shows. 

‘Sakura’, the first single to be released from ‘Number One’, starts out very laidback, but quickly leans into the pop with each chorus. With a hip-hop inspired breakdown towards the end, ‘Sakura’ is by far the most dynamic track on the EP. 

‘Number Won’, is a smooth R&B slow jam which will be a perfect fit for the bedroom. And we’re not talking about bedtime stories. A true nod to R&B of the 90s or early 2000s made fresh with simple, yet effective synth chords.

The closing track on Sôra’s EP, ‘The Grit’, see her venturing into a darker tone as opposed to the lightheartedness of the previous 3 singles. Filled with chilled trap-beats and accompanied by a flute and glitchy vocal production, this track is definitely worth a couple of listens to truly experience each tiny production element that was included. 

Speaking on the upcoming EP, Sôra comments: “This first EP was such a pleasure to record! My partner and I hardly knew each other when we started working together. The way we did it was, I composed and wrote at home and then came to the studio to put everything together and push the songs to the next level with my wonderful partner. We kind of started getting to know each other through this EP and we are really happy!”

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