Evelinn Trouble Proofs Her Sense of Touch for Visual Work

The Zurich-born and currently Berlin-based artist Evelinn Trouble is renowned for her visual work, directing her own music videos as well as videos for other bands. Her Latest video release “Hope Music” allows one to step into Touble’s mind and follow her dreams and thoughts.

The title-track traverses melancholic territory yet unfolds as an anthem of hope – delivered by an artist that has truly lived every line in her songs. Evelynn’s ‘Hope Music’ EP is a expedient of communication, an exploration of the unknown and a journey through her mind. The video is purposely crafted with lyrics so everyone can follow, question or appreciate her poetry.

(Video Embed – Hope Music)

Published not long ago on March 30th, Evelinn released Monstruous, track no. 2 of her recent EP ‘Hope Music’. The intoxicating ‘Monstruous’, according to Trouble, resulted in “a collage of two years of home recording in several bedrooms, attics and hotel rooms across the globe”. Trouble manifests herself calm, floating in water, yet violent, forceful and released after striking her baseball bat. There is ups and downs, pros and cons, excitement and thrill. Evelynn is on a continuous mission to balance the extremes without crossing out either site.

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