Electronic-R&B artist Ellzo releases ‘Agnostic’

UK based electronic artist, Ellzo, just released ‘Agnostic’, a brand new single from his upcoming EP Time Travel set to be released on 26 October via the acclaimed Majestic Casual Records
Music has been a key part in Ellzo’s everyday life ever since he got his hands on Garageband in 2009. Before that, Ellzo would go experiment on his dad’s DJ equipment on weekends, but he soon outgrew the simple mixing that his dad demonstrated and yearned to make whole productions, like the songs he’d heard on the radio. A true Londoner, Ellzo has been living in the same spot for over two decades but will always journey out of his neighbourhood to perform live shows and go where his music takes him.
Ellzo’s ‘Agnostic’ is an electronic R&B-inspired track. The velvety vocals careen effortlessly over a smooth bassline and constant beat. ‘Agnostic’ is the type of track you will hear in a smokey bar that is dripping with vast amounts of class. The sexiness that oozes from Ellzo’s music is hard to ignore, so be sure to include this in any …romantic playlists.


Listen to Ellzo’s brand new track ‘Agnostic’ below:
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