Electric Impala Releases Blushing New Single ‘Overdue’


Montana local Ollie Barrow AKA Electric Impala shows off his skill for the more chilled electronic sound by releasing new track ‘Overdue’ on 23 February, under Chroma and Esydia Records, incorporating touch of smooth 80s R&B with modern electronic heights. Barrow’s career hasn’t been a long-running one, only really starting to find his niche 2 years ago but the artist has really exhibited real maturity with this new song.

While Burrow has been known to blend indie, pop and dance genres, this is a refreshing look at old school slow dance music with playful chimes, subtle synths and a little hi hats fooling around with odd time signatures just to keep you on your toes. All in all it’s a sweetheart track to lose yourself in under the low lights.  



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