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March 8, 2021 Folk singer Cujo Moon shares hauntingly surreal animated music video, ‘Watch You Shine’

Folk singer Cujo Moon shares hauntingly surreal animated music video, ‘Watch You Shine’

Image credit: Rae Mercedes

Talking about matters surrounding mental health, singer-songwriter Cujo Moon’s music highlights these issues in a somber and atmospheric embrace. His new animated video ‘Watch You Shine’ brings Cujo Moon’s sincere lyrics to life in a surreal way – bursting with vibrant colour and ideas.

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The visual narrative of the music video follows the story of the lost traveler on his way to find his own path in life, but then he gets swept away into another frame of mind. He has been pulled apart until there is nothing left in him and finds a new way of being in the colourful and transcending world of the music video. Cujo Moon does not tread lightly with his lyrical poetry, but you can be guaranteed to feel rejuvenated after every stream of his new single & music video.

 ‘Watch You Shine’  will feature on the singer’s upcoming solo EP releases Bridges II via Cujo Moon & Tone Tree Music on the 26th of March. Prepare to feel enlightened, as you drown your sorrows in Cujo Moon’s forward-thinking outlook on music and life.

Bridges II EP Tracklist:

1. Watch You Shine 

2. In a Sky of Blue

3. Goodnight Black Sky

4. Sing Your Song

5. Mirror Image

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February 26, 2021 Avant-pop singer Fifi Rong releases goddess-like music video

Avant-pop singer Fifi Rong releases goddess-like music video

  Image credit: Dylan Chubb

Haunting, lingering, and angelic vocals make avant-garde musician Fifi Rong the ideal candidate for electronic music collaborations of any kind. Though quite established in the public eye, the singer-songwriter has always remained passionate about the underground electronic scene in the UK. The singer has unveiled her latest music video for her single ‘Another Me’ and let’s just say it is a sight to behold.

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Suggesting reference to Botecelli’s iconic painting The Birth Of Venus, the radiant goddess being Fifi Rong is tastefully nude whilst performing the vocals of ‘Another Me’ throughout the duration of the video. The singer is surrounded by a mesmerizing graphically enhanced ethereal landscape that compliments Rong’s delicate & feminine tone with this release.

The ‘Another Me’ video builds on the message of  not letting a bad break up ruin your sense of self-worth. Another important theme Fifi focuses on is staying in a toxic relationship in order to feel a sense of belonging. Fifi Rong provides an authentic sound and badass attitude with all of her releases, reminding the listener to live their lives as they please – unapologetically. 

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February 24, 2021 Rising alt-pop singer Khazali share introspective song, ‘NYC to CDG’

Rising alt-pop singer Khazali share introspective song, ‘NYC to CDG’

Rising London based singer-songwriter Khazali is poised to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘NYC to CDG’, an introspective minimal pop gem lifted from his debut EP ‘Going Home Vol. 1’ due 17th March through Kitsuné Musique.

Drawing on a myriad of influences from RnB, Soul, electronica and pop, ‘NYC to CDG’ is the first single taken from the EP and will be accompanied by a cool lyric video featuring Khazali himself. He says: “NYC to CDG is a story about a character trying to escape his small town for famous landmarks. That character isn’t me – I grew up in the big city. And I actually escaped to a small town when I was 19 – when the journey to this mini EP began. I really needed someone to tell me that what I had around me and inside me was enough, and I could never escape this anxiety. So I just said it to myself. It’s nice to have a love letter for me, by me.”

He goes on to add: “Five years in the making from start to finish, Going Home (Vol.1) EP is the first of two mini EPs that I finally feel are ready to be heard. The EP tracks my use of songwriting as a way to better understand my anxieties about life, using dream journals as a device for lyrics.”

With a soft touch that floats above indie-tronica infused electronic beats, recent Kitsuné Musique signee Khazali creates a brand of alternative pop that exists in a space that subtly references teenage influences; SBTRKT, Sampha, Little Dragon and HONNE. Raised in West London, Khazali recalls his earliest memory ‘in a hotel lobby watching Christmas movies’ whilst his Moroccan-born single mother worked as a cleaner. 

But it wasn’t his childhood dream to become a singer-songwriter. Although always keen on the arts in some form, Khazali’s journey to his debut EP, ‘Going Home’, was almost accidentally born out of using songwriting and poetry as a therapy for generalised anxiety disorder, diagnosed in his second year of graphic design studies at a small seaside-town university.

After a suggestion from sixth-form school peer and Slow Dance Records founder Marco Pini (of indie band Sorry), Khazali – who has not been classically trained in singing – began exploring his vocal range, and has found comfort in that expression.  With ‘a naturally sunny disposition’ (Notion), his voice makes you ‘feel careless’ (C-Heads), with a unique style that spans melancholy, euphoria and dreaminess.

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February 19, 2021 Electronic music producer Nuit Oceãn shares vulnerable bonus Fire Divine songs

Electronic music producer Nuit Oceãn shares vulnerable bonus Fire Divine songs

Releasing the dark and melancholic EP Fire Divine last year, Nuit Oceãn has now released an extended version of the EP to the public. This edition features two memorable songs ‘Tears’ and ‘Fearless’, which focus on heartbreak and rising up once the tears have dried up as the focal point. 

Stream / Download Fire Divine Extended EP

The producer does not tread lightly with his words and brooding soundscapes, and most importantly the chilling vulnerability that is clearly evident in his work. Previously featured on RCRD LBL (read feature) with Fire Divine EP release, we commented: “This EP shows the essence of vulnerability and strength in one breath. It is a work of art that can be interpreted in multiple meanings, but we can all agree that this EP is fragrant and colorful as well as easy on the ears.”

Nuit Oceãn continues to make music with impact and substance with this latest release. Singing about matters of the heart never sounded so visceral with his latest singles ‘Tears’ and ‘Fearless’. Capturing universal themes such as heartbreak and heartache against mesmerizing downtempo notes paints a vivid and heart wrenching picture of what it means to be human.

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