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January 21, 2021 Uncle Kid releases trip-hop commentary music video

Uncle Kid releases trip-hop commentary music video

Uncle kid released his debut single, ‘Supermarket Sweep’ on last November. Described as an “unsettling sound portrait” and “a song for our times” by Tom Robinson of BBC 6 Music.

It’s a trip hop, spoken word commentary on the anxiety of living through the covid pandemic, which delves into the friction between politics and nature. The song is built up around a gnarly bassline, glitchy electronic rhythms, and incorporates some radiator drumming (with pens for drumsticks).

Edinburgh based Uncle Kid, who produces all his own material, has teamed up with Scottish visual artist and inventor, Alan Brown, to create a suitably unsettling video. Filmed everyday during lockdown, the viewer’s gaze is held while he evolves from clean-shaven, to a heavily bearded, castaway version of himself. Brown’s glitchy, warhole-esque production adds to the general sense of unease.

Supermarket Sweep will be available on all major platforms, and is the first single from his upcoming EP, ‘Indistinct Chatter’ which features a combination of spoken word and singing throughout. Previously the guitarist in Scottish indie-folk band, The Last September, Uncle Kid merges folk guitar lines with dark synths and strings arrangements. Expect “dark, brooding, understated trip hop” Fresh on the Net.

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January 11, 2021 Celebrated music producer Wax Tailor defies genres with unusual LP

Celebrated music producer Wax Tailor defies genres with unusual LP

   Image Credit: Ronan Siri

As soon as we saw the dystopian society created in Wax Tailor’s music video for ‘Misery ft. Rosemary Standley’, we knew he was one to watch. We also found out about his latest album, Shadow Of Their Suns, which immediately earned itself a page in our release diary. On Friday, 8th of January, we were finally treated to the long-awaited album and it’s been played on repeat since then.

Where do we start? Wax Tailor’s reverence for displaying other artist’s vocals is something else. Take ‘Shinning Dog ft. Boog Brown’ and ‘Deja Vu ft. Adeline’ – two completely different songs, one after another, that almost lend themselves to different categories. Boog Brown’s syncopation is smooth and unwavering while weaving us into a hip hop rhythmic slumber. ‘Deja Vu ft Adeline’, on the other hand sweeps us back in time, with distorted and discomforting tones that echo throughout the LP. 

Stream / Download The Shadow Of Their Suns

‘The Shadow Of Their Suns’ is an allegory for the different kind of powers that control our world. I’ve always kept this image in mind of the 99% who live in the shadow of these artificial lights,  segregation, politics and mass-media. From a musical point of view, I really wanted to give more space to instrumental arrangements and my own storytelling around this topic. I’m not a lesson-giver but nothing is really neutral, we live in a sick world and music can be food for thought.”– Wax Tailor provides some insight on the album.


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January 11, 2021 Experimental pop duo We Will Kaleid releases evocative EP

Experimental pop duo We Will Kaleid releases evocative EP

Image credit: Anne Ludwig

Absorbing our seasonal sadness, art/experimental pop duo We Will Kaleid released two last songs last year: Revoke/Aphelion.

“Revoke” is about self hypnosis floating on a wave of uncertainty, finally resolving into a stream of regret. The band details the track. It’s about the moment you realise that you did or said something that caused damage beyond repair. You are lost in indecision and uncertainty but somehow still comforted by monotony. A mellow, weightless, translucent, lulling state of mind.

“Aphelion” deals with what lies underneath it all, the one thing that we desire most. Loosing yourself in loosing one another. A void that even though filled with loss and grief, remains empty. Pure, calming, honest, weird.

We Will Kaleid create dense and oppressive arrangements with minimalist sound material. Upon rough textures of analog synthesizers, a dark and intoxicating atmosphere is forged with few but multi-faceted beat and voice fragments. We Will Kaleid are looking for a strong contrast. In dense electronic songs they prefer direct confrontation to comfortable harmony.

Just as on their latest EP “Tongue” We Will Kaleid take up dysfunctional aspects of communication and offers both spaces for self-confrontation as well as an escape from reality. The band’s output is a confusing, unpleasant trip into one’s own aggressive, ugly self. We Will Kaleid are a haunting and captivating appearance, with a clear stance: they do not offer an easy cure, the band remains consistently unforgiving.

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January 7, 2021 Electronic band Little Dragon & singer Moses Sumney collaborate on song, ‘The Other Lover’

Electronic band Little Dragon & singer Moses Sumney collaborate on song, ‘The Other Lover’

Image credit: Arya Haliba

The Other Loversees Little Dragon team up with Ghanaian American vocalist/songwriter Moses Sumney—who released his widely acclaimed double-album “græ” earlier this year—with a track that showcases his unmistakable voice alongside the equally inimitable Yukimi Nagano, the two vocalists intertwined over a gently unfolding swirl of synthesisers, horns, and stripped-back percussion.

The track draws it’s lyrics from Little Dragon’s ‘Another Lover’ taken from their latest album, New Me, Same Us”, released earlier this year on Ninja Tune and lauded by the likes of the New York Times, NPR, Pitchfork, The Guardian, Mixmag, Crack Magazine and many more. Entirely self-produced and recorded at the pioneering Swedish band’s studio, New Me, Same Us”  saw the band go back to basics, falling back in love with their instruments: drums, bass, keyboards, harp, guitar and voice, to produce some of their most focused and best music to date. The album hit #5 on the Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart in the US, with Mixmag calling it “a futuristic record bursting with lush textures and elevated by lead singer Yukimi Nagano’s sublime vocals” and The Guardian finding them on “on deliciously soulful form”.

The band’s hugely popular and highly regarded live performances have spawned a decade-spanning touring career, including festival highlights such as Coachella, Glastonbury, Lollapalooza, Bestival, Sonar, All Points East, Dimensions Festival, Parklife, Lovebox, Love Saves The Day, Melt and Dour; co-headlining the Hollywood Bowl and Berkeley’s Greek Theatre with Flying Lotus supported by BADBADNOTGOOD and sold out two nights at London’s Roundhouse. While the global pandemic has put touring on hold, the band joined NPR Music for an intimate Tiny Desk (Home) Concert filmed at their long-term home-built studio in Gothenburg, Sweden—watch that here.

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